So you want to do good for the community, but do not know where or how to start?

The CoLab4Good Room, a dedicated community engagement space, allows you to connect with other like-minded students and exchange ideas. Located at the ground level of The Hive, this space was newly opened in October 2015.

​Aside from courses related to your core discipline, there are also opportunities to take modules on Communication Skills, Singapore Studies, Ethics, Environmental Sustainability, and Enterprise & Innovation. Knowledge gained from these courses will help turn you into the polished NTU Graduate – someone with strong ethics, entrepreneurial mindset, social conscience, communication skills and personal flair.

To further broaden your horizons, you can also choose from a wide range of free elective courses in the broad fields of humanities and social sciences, business and liberal arts.

If you find that you prefer more specialised community-based training, consider participating in e​xte​rnal workshops and opportunities. You can also gain practical experience by joining regular volunteering projects​ organised by various NTU Student Clubs to receive appropriate volunteer training​.

Stil​l worried that your idea might not work out? You are not alone. Here are some takeaways from completed projects that fellow students are sharing, all in an effort for collective good.  

Take it even one step further and consider applying for the Social Impact Internship Stipend​ to get real-world experiences in the social​ sector. 

Wait no longer, start today!

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