CoLab4Good Award for Service to Society Winners

2019 Award Recipients

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Project Aram 2019

NTU Tamil Literary Society started Project Aram this year to present an opportunity for their members to contribute back to the society while rediscovering their roots and heritage. They collaborated with Social Change and Development (SCAD), an organisation based in Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India which introduced them to the community of Saree Weavers.

The team chose a village in Tamilnadu as it gave the members an opportunity to learn more about the Tamil culture, the Saree Weaving Factory and weaving community. During the trip, they refurbished classrooms in Ganapathy Primary School and shared their knowledge of social media and how it could enhance trade, with the younger villagers. At the end of the trip, the members also planted some trees in the village to promote the preservation of the environment.

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The Wee Kim Wee School of Communication And Information (WKWSCI) Volunteer Programme, also known as WeeVolunteer, is a student-led organisation established in 2018 to serve local and overseas communities in need.

With a vision to create a more sustainable volunteering community, WeeVolunteer re-structured and expanded the organisation into its two wings – WeeTrip, an annual Overseas Community Involvement Programme (OCIP) to Luang Prabang, Laos, where their volunteers had the opportunity to hone their photography, videography and journalistic skills by shedding light on the problems facing the local communities through their work; and WeeReach, which serves the local community at the Jamiyah Children's Home and Jamiyah Home for the Aged.

Today, one in eight WKWSCI students volunteer with WeeVolunteer, an exponential rise in volunteerism as compared to years before. They are working hard towards having one in every six students join them in their efforts. By doing so, they can encourage an inclusive community where students are able to contribute positively to the society not only overseas, but more importantly, back home in Singapore. 

Special Mention Award

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LKCares Health Screening (Teck Ghee & Ci Yuan)

Initiated in 2017, the LKCares Health Screening is a local health screening project by LKCMedicine students, in collaboration with the National Healthcare Group (NHG) and People's Association Community Clubs. In line with the Health Promotion Board's "Screen for Life" programme, the LKCares Health Screening aims to provide an avenue for preventive medicine to the general public. LKCares has conducted three screenings and screened over 1,000 residents to date.

Under LKCares, the students conduct physical screening modalities for the residents, and those identified as high risk were referred to see a doctor. They also worked hand-in-hand with other healthcare institutions to increase the diversity of their screening, making it more holistic and comprehensive. With training from The Institute of Mental Health (IMH), the students learnt how to communicate with residents who are diagnosed with psychological problems, and partnered with Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) to help in the distribution of the Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) kit and registration of Pap smear and mammogram.

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