Guiding Best Practice Clinical Care With In-Silico Rehabilitation and Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM 1D) For Unilateral Chronic Hemiparetic Stroke and Trans-Tibial Amputation

Project IDRRG3-19002
PartnerTan Tock Seng Hospital 
Precision Rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal, Knee Amputation
Research CapabilitiesSPM1D
Clinical PI
Dr Karen CHUA Sui Geok
Senior Consultant, Rehabilitation Medicine
Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Technical PI
Dr Cyril John William DONNELLY
Principal Research Fellow
Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore


Primary Objectives

(1) To collect data using 3D Motion Capture (MOCAP) for 2 groups of subjects with pathological gait populations i.e. (i) chronic hemiparetic strokes and (ii) unilateral transtibial amputees.

(2) To analyse and compare MOCAP data collected for the above populations with reference anonymised data obtained from the local healthy RRIS ABILITY data set.

(3) To co-develop with NTU RRIS team, a clinician-centric SPM1D clinical analysis framework using the validated SPM1D analyses framework for the objective analysis of pathological gait Movement Proficiency Index (MPI) such as stroke and transtibial amputees. This will allow us to develop movement proficiency analysis for whole body movements down to isolated joint degrees of freedom.



The study is being reviewed by NHG domain-specific research board. A total of 15 strokes and lower limb transtibial amputee subjects will be recruited and will undergo each, a 2.5 hours MOCAP data collection session at RRIS laboratory.