Neurological Rehabilitation 


Stroke is a complex condition with wide ranging sequelae where multiple areas of a person’s life may be affected, and the ability to participate in everyday activities may become challenging. In understanding the clinical picture of stroke, it is important to have precise and accurate assessment of their impairments, functional activities, community participation and quality of life. Accurate and objective assessments are essential for precise interventions to be carried out.

In the stroke program, we aim to create a database of precise assessments and understand the multifactorial nature and impact of stroke. The use of high and low fidelity technologies enables the objective capture of impairments and function in high granularity. This program also aims to develop machine learning models that could determine recommended specifics for each treatment modality based on the stroke ability model constructed from precise assessments. This will enable precise predictions on the trajectory of stroke recovery, and its impact on the quality of life of the individual with stroke.