RRIS Students

Dollaporn ANOPAS​​
Email: anop0001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Project: Design and Development of Rehabilitation Robotic System for Rats with Spinal Cord Injury
Research interest: Rehabilitation Robotic System, Neurorehabilitation, Brain-Computer Interface, Virtual Reality, Assistive Technology, and Machine Learning

CUI Shuai
Email: shuai002@e.ntu.edu.sg
Project: Vision Guided Robotic Micromanipulation for Embryo Biopsy
Research interest: Robotic Micromanipulation, Image Processing, Visual Servo Control

Email: FENG0091@e.ntu.edu.sg
Project: Robotic-Assisted Handheld Istrument for Microsurgery.
Research interest: Time series forecasting and sensor fusion in medical robotics.

FOO Ming Jeat
Email: FOOM0009@e.ntu.edu.sg
Project : Control Algorithms of A Human Balance Assistive Robot using Learning-Based Methods
Research interest: Robotics, Computer vision, Machine learning

LEI Zhen
Email: zhen001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Project: Intelligent Human-Robot Interface for Assistive Robots
Research interest: Shared control paradigm, Dynamical system

LIM Guan Ming
Email: guanming001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Project : Technology Assisted Hand Tracking System for Rehabilitation
Research interest: Robotics, Computer vision, Machine learning

LIM Wee Sen (SGUnited Traineeships Programme)
Email: weesen.lim@ntu.edu.sg
Project: Fundamental Ability Extraction from Human Motion Capture Data
Research interest: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Image Processing

Email: BHARATHA001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Project: Data-driven Markerless Multi-Camera Motion Capture System
Research interest: Machine learning, Automation

WEN Xiangchun
Email: xiangchun.wen@ntu.edu.sg
Project:Intelligent human intention recognition and prediction for Assistive Robots
Research interest:Robotics, Human intention recognition and prediction, Haptic feedback Joystick design, Embedded system

YONG Jia Wei (SGUnited Traineeships Programme)
Email: Jiawei.yong@e.ntu.edu.sg
Project: SPM 1D OA Knee Gait
Research interest: Biomechanics, Musculoskeletal modelling, Gait analysis

ZHANG Zezhong
Email: ZEZHONG001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Project: Human-ability-aware intelligent haptic shared control interface for aging operators of heavy machineries.
Research interest: Robotics, Human-Machine Interaction

Email: chao001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Project: Robotic-Assisted Handheld Instrument for Microsurgery.
Research interest: Modelling & control for Piezoelectric Flexure System Hysteresis, Flexure Mechanism Design & Optimization