Dr ER Jie Kai

Dr ER Jie Kai

Research Fellow
Email: jker@ntu.​edu.sg

PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (Expected Graduation in 2019)​
Bachelor in Bioengineering with 1st Class Honours, Nanyang Technological University (2014)
Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Merit, Singapore Polytechnic (2008)



Jie Kai is a research fellow with the Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore. He is interested in all aspects of human balance, i.e. what causes imbalance, how to sense imbalance, balance disorders, reactionary movements and also designing assistive devices that improves user’s stability. He hopes to develop small wearable devices that greatly impacts the life of the ever increasing elderly population with high fall risks.


​​​​​Research Interest
Computer vision and visual surveillance and tracking, human behavior recognition, machine learning methods.


Academic & Professional Experience

Mechanical Simulation during internship at IME (A*Star); Database and UI development for Lifting Equipment Distributer; Ragdoll simulation, Neural Network implementation, Real time system development and Electrical and Electronic design during PhD studies.


​Exosuit for Fall Prevention



  • Evaluation of Single HMM as a Pre-Impact Fall Detector Based on Different Input Signals 
  • 2018 IEEE Region Ten Symposium (Tensymp) 4-6 July Sydney, Australia