Dr Phillis TENG

Dr Phillis Teng

Senior Research Fellow
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/phillis-teng-2521b4150/

Doctor of Philosophy – PhD, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University
Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering), National University of Singapore
B.Eng (Mechanical), National University of Singapore


Phillis is a senior research fellow at RRIS, with the passion in biomechanics research, especially in injury risk reduction. She has a diverse background in biomechanics research and mechanical engineering, with 6.5 years of industry experience. She has been a mentor to 11 FYP students, 1 URECA student, 2 exchange students and junior staff, leading to the successful completion of industry and academic projects. Her previous research included sport injury risk reduction; human perception in comfort and fit; mechanical shoe testing; 3D printed brace development using metamaterial structures; and biomechanics study of customized 3D printed insoles, especially for people with flat feet.

​​​​​Research Interest

Biomechanics, Human Perception, Product Design

  • ​Knee OA Preliminary Study (RFP/19004)




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