Rolls-Royce Electrical (RRE)

Rolls-Royce Electrical – Singapore (RRE-SG) has developed a number of significant capabilities during the previous phase of RR@NTU Corp Lab Program. The pull-through of the R&D for the Corp Lab will be towards applied development either into RR, partner research organizations, including demonstrators like the Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator Singapore (REIDS) microgrid.

These capabilities have been developed in close collaboration with the various business sectors of Rolls-Royce. RRE-SG is now looking to bring these capabilities to a higher level during the next phase of the Corp Lab and develop several new technologies.

The primary focus will be on developing industrial power electronics solutions for aerospace and other Rolls-Royce applications. Other key research R&D areas are energy storage, power and energy systems, microgrids, electromechanical systems, electrical equipment and system health management, high fidelity modelling and simulation for power electronics based systems.

Phase 2 Projects

RRE1.1 Next Generation Aerospace Power Converters

RRE1.2 Novel Aerospace Electro-Mechanical System

RRE1.3 Aerospace Integrated Electrical System

RRE2.1 Power Converters

RRE2.2 Energy Storage System

RRE2.3 Electromechanical Systems

RRE2.4 Power and Propulsion System Design Tools

RRE2.5 Power and Propulsion System Design Architecture

RRE3.1 Smart Genset Systems

RRE3.2 Hybrid Microgrid Solution

RRE4.1 Electrical Equipment Health Management (eEHM) of Power Electronics Converters and Energy

RRE4.2 Electromechanical Systems Electrical EHM (eEHM)

RRE4.3 Power System Health Management (SHM)


Phase 1 Projects 

E-RT1.1 Intelligent Diagnostic of Marine Propulsion System 

E-RT1.2 Fault Management in Marine Networks 

E-RT1.3 Real-time ‘Hardware in the Loop’ Simulation of Marine Networks       

E-RT2.1 Advanced Control of Low Voltage (LV) Drive for Marine Applications 

E-RT2.2 Medium Voltage Converter    

E-RT3.1 Prognostic Health Monitoring of Hybrid Train System            

E-RT4.1 Embedded Machine for Hostile Environment on More Electric Engines            

E-RT5.1 High Power Density Converter (HPDC) for More Electric Engine Applications 

E-RT5.2 Modular Power Converter and Distribution System 

E-RT6.1 Intelligent Power Allocation and Scheduling       

E-RT7.1 Grid Compliance for the Land-Based Power Generators          

E-RT8.1 Novel Electrical Propulsion Concepts: Variomatic Drive Train and Low Loss Concept   

E-RT9.1 Failure Prognosis of Electrical Machines     

E-RT9.2 Health Monitoring and Failure Prognosis of Power Electronics Systems

E-RT9.3 Wireless Networked Sensing for Fault Detection and Prognosis in Power Electronics and Electrical Machines

E-RT9.4 Bearing Degradation in Marine Environment     

E-RT10.1 High Temperature Hard Magnetic Materials for Electrical Machine  

E-RT10.2 Electromechanical Health Monitoring ​​

E-RT11.1 Waste Heat Recovery System            

E-RT12.1 Intelligent Response System for Machinery Operations

E-RT12.2 Electromechanical Interactions in Marine Systems 

E-RT13.1 Technologies for Smart Power Plant     
Prof Josep Pou
RRE Programme Director
School of ​​Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Nanyang Technological University​​​
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Dr Amit Gupta
RRE Programme Director

Chief of Rolls-Royce Electrical
Rolls-Royce Singapore Pte Ltd