Celebrating Singaporeans’ Global Achievements in Research and Innovation

Singaporean researchers have forged a strong reputation globally for their research and development capabilities. Whether it's with basic research at world-class universities to innovation within industries, Singapore's researchers are increasingly being recognized for their achievements in numerous fields including biotechnology, materials science, artificial intelligence, and data science, together with the humanities and economics.

Singapore is well-positioned to serve as an international R&D hub. According to SGInnovate’s study, R&D and technical professionals believe Singapore will remain competitive as a global science and technology R&D and product development hub in the next 10 years. Singapore remains an appealing location as a global innovation hub due to our strategic location in the heart of Asia, the favourable business environment, supportive government and the national initiative to create a Smart Nation. Furthermore, Singapore as city is also ranked 5th among the 500 cities in the Index of Innovation Cities Programme.

As a leading university, research is integral to NTU Singapore. The strong research culture has resulted in many world-first inventions, creating a name internationally for its work in fields such as advanced materials, biomedical engineering, clean energy and environment, computational biology, intelligent systems, nanotechnology and wireless and broadband communication.

The 2nd Singaporean Researchers Global Summit (SRGS) is a celebration of research outputs and impact of Singaporean researchers in research and innovation.  The two-day summit will bring together Singapore Institutes of Higher Learning and Singaporean researchers locally and around the world to share research contributions as well as discuss insights on research initiatives and directions in the COVID and post-COVID world.


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About SRGS This 2021

A platform to bring together Singaporean IHLs and Singaporean researchers from around the world to share their passion and discuss their experiences.

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SRGS 2021 Panellists  & Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker & Panellists

The Summit will feature interesting keynote talks from successful Singaporean researchers, both local and international.

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Summit Programme

The Singaporean Researchers Global Summit will showcase the current R&D landscape and opportunities within Singapore.

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The Research Landscape and Opportunities in Singapore

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Open Dialogue & Panel Discussions

Research and Keynote Talks

Research and Keynote Talks

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