Application Procedure

Application Procedure

​IACUC approval is required prior to the use of all live vertebrate animals (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and non-human mammals) in research. Types of protocols requiring IACUC approval include 1teaching, field trials, environmental studies, research, diagnosis, product testing and the production of biological products. For examples of protocols that DO NOT require NTU-IACUC approval, please click  here

NTU IACUC takes a serious view of the need to assess Animal Use Protocols (AUP) with the 3 Rs (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement) approach and all PIs are required to demonstrate due consideration of these aspects in their project. Prior to completing the AUP application form, refer to the ​NTU-IACUC policy for special procedures​. 


1.1 Ethics Review Management Portal (ERMP)

Access the ERMP:

​As of 10 August 2018, all Animal Use Protocol (AUP) applications, amendments and annual reviews are to be created and submitted via ERMP for the submission and review of IACUC-related submissions.  As of 26 Nov 2018, Study Administrators can now initiate new forms on behalf of study PIs. 

The affected forms are​:

  1. Animal Use Protocol (AUP) applications (new and renewal)
  2. Amendments to active AUPs
  3. ​Annual review forms
  4. Completion forms​​

For online submission of forms, PIs are to log in to ERMP using their NTU accounts and password.​ In the username field, please enter the appropriate domain name followed by your NTU username (e.g. "staff/(NTU username)". Access to the software requires an NTU user account so please log a request via ServiceNow for creation of a new computer account.

​NEW: Addition Of Study Administrator To AUPs (Updated 26 Nov 2018)

A PI's team member can now be added to an AUP as a Study Administrator to initiate AUP applications, amendments and annual reviews. However, such documents can continue to be submitted only by the study PI. To assign a team member as a Study Administrator, PIs are to write to with their list of nominees and the corresponding email addresses of these personnel. 

For a description of steps to be taken by PIs and Study Administrators for submissions, click on the guide titled "Addition of Study Administrator". 

Slides on Animal Use Protocol 

To view slides on forms creation and submission, please select from the following links:

(a)  Introduction to ERMP and AUP creation 
(b) Creation of Amendment Form
(c)  Creation of Annual Review Form

An updated editable template has been prepared for use as a guide for AUP submissions; this form has been adapted to closely follow the content of the online form though some minor differences are to be expected. 

For queries related to AUPs, please email For queries related to Animal Management modules on ERMP, please contact Keh Lee Hwei or Esther Wong.

1.2 Requirements Check prior to AUP Application

RCULA Certification & Training Records

  • PIs are to ensure that all personnel listed on their protocol have undergone RCULA training for the animal species to be used in the protocol. If personnel have a RCULA cert but are not trained on the relevant species, a *Training Record is to be completed. Failure to provide certification for all personnels could result in delays in application approval.
    *Seek advice from the IACUC Secretariat prior to filling up the Training Record. PIs are to ensure that personnel to be trained commence work on animals AFTER undergoing the training required.
  • PIs are to ensure that all personnel are adequately trained and that their experience on specialised procedures remain current. In accordance with NACLAR guidelines, special courses should be arranged with senior research team members, or with the veterinary staff in ARF. These training should be documented in the Training Record and returned to the IACUC secretariat. 


Risk Assessment

  • Risk Assessments (RAs) are to be completed and approved via the OHS website. If the RA is not submitted at the time of AUP application submission, it  must be stated by when RA will be provided. RA needs to be submitted prior to protocol approval.
  • Risk Assessments are valid for a 3 year period so please ensure valid RAs are available for the duration of the project.
  • Click here to complete a Risk Assessment.  
  • Approved RAs are to be attached to section 12 of the AUP form on ARFMS. 



  • PIs are to ensure that all personnel added to their project have been vaccinated against Tetanus and Hepatitis B prior to commencing work on animals.​

Miscellaneous Forms

1.4 Transfer-in of IACUC protocols approved elsewhere

For PIs who wish to transfer their approved IACUC protocols from elsewhere into NTU ARF, these protocols need to be lodged and approved within NTU's ERMP. The review of external protocols is as follows:

  1. If a protocol was previously approved at an AAALAC accredited facility, a new application is to be created and submitted via ERMP. Supporting documents (e.g. PDF of approved application and protocol, and approval letter) must be attached to the application. These applications will undergo administrative review and approval by the IACUC Secretariat once submitted.

  2. Protocols transferred from non-AAALAC accredited facilities will similarly have to be created and submitted via ERMP, as above. However, these will be reviewed by the IACUC Chair/Deputy-Chair; a full committee review will be called for only if added expertise of the whole committee is required.

1NACLAR Guidelines