NTU Network

A Robust Ecosystem of Resources

NTU Network: A Robust Ecosystem of Resources

The NTU Network includes 6 consortia, 9 corporate laboratories, over 380 technology invention disclosures and 10 multidisciplinary institutes. Connecting over 200 industry partners with over 5,000 world-class faculty, researchers and students at the forefront of research and innovation.

NTU's strong research culture has resulted in international acclaim across numerous fields such as advanced materials, biomedical engineering, clean energy and environment, computational biology, intelligent systems, nanotechnology and wireless and broadband communication.

In NTU, research is carried out within all the colleges, through various partnership programmes, and at all levels. Browse through the following sections to explore the diverse opportunities available for research collaborations and knowledge sharing through NTU's robust ecosystem and resources.

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NTU Research Clusters

As a research-intensive public university, NTU has achieved worldwide acclaim for its research output, innovation, and teaching excellence. NTU's research expertise is classified into the following 6 research clusters.


Healthy Living | Active Ageing | Working
  • Ageing Research and Technologies
  • Population Health
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Genomics and Diseases
  • AI for Healthcare


Reasoning | Adapting | Emoting
  • Neuroscience, Cognitive science
  • Computational Thinking
  • Learning Technologies
  • Pedagogy Development
  • Interactive Learning


Connecting | Strengthening | Growing
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Green Finance
  • Applications of 4IR technologies
  • Computer Vision and Sensing
  • Cloud and Edge computers


Designing | Transforming | Mitigating
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Future Mobility Solutions
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Waste to Energy
  • Ecosystem Resilience
  • Urban Social Interaction


Linking | Authorizing | Protecting
  • ​Computational Intelligence
  • Computer Vision & Language
  • Transfer Learning
  • Sentient Computing
  • Smart IOT for industry automation


Socialising | Understanding | Communicating
  • Machine-person Interoperability
  • Information transparency
  • Cultural Neuroscience
  • Social Identity Theory 
  • Neurophysiology

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Colleges and Schools

NTU Hive

A Multitude of Interdisciplinary Research: Venture into a hive of research activity in NTU's internationally-acclaimed colleges and schools for expertise in any field.

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Institutes and Centres

NTU Research Institutes and Centres

Immerse in NTU's Vibrant Research Culture: Engage with research experts from NTU's plethora of research institutes and centres across a multitude of fields.

NTUitive Private Limited


NTUitive manages the University’s intellectual property, promotes innovation, supports entrepreneurship, and facilitates the commercialisation of research.

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