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Create new partnerships, Accelerate collaborations and Nurture relationships


As part of NTU's initiative to develop deeper industry relations and facilitate greater research advancements, GAIN is a one-stop solution to accelerate innovation and foster interdisciplinary collaborations. GAIN serves as a gateway for industry to connect with the NTU network of over 200 industry partners, which includes: - 10 multidisciplinary institutes - 9 corporate laboratories - 6 consortia - Over 380 technology invention disclosure

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Collage of NTU-Industry Research Collaborations

NTU-Industry Research Collaborations

GAIN matchmakes industry partners who are seeking research partnerships with the relevant NTU entities to expedite the information sharing process and provide guidance on all research aspects.

Research Collaborations include:
- Corporate Laboratories
- Research Institutes and Centres
- Research Projects
- And more!

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Collage of Inter-Industry NTU Events

Inter-Industry NTU Events

GAIN is a master consortium at the NTU-level that is focused on proactive industry engagement. Under GAIN, members will be invited to attend and even co-organise exclusive events such as:

- Roundtables
- Panel Discussions
- Lectures and Seminars
- Exhibitions
- Symposiums
- And more!

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GAIN is a One-Stop Solution for companies to foster cross-collaborations and co-create innovative solutions with NTU's robust ecosystem of research advances, world-renown talents, and state-of-the-art facilities. Under GAIN, members receive one-on-one guidance from industry experts to navigate research challenges and explore new partnership opportunities for greater development. 


Early Access
To research advances, first-class talents, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. 
Ideation Platform for Partnerships
To foster greater cross-company collaborations. 
A One-Stop Solution through Matchmaking and Mentorship.
Disruptive Technologies  
New R&D opportunities with NTU, a leading global and research-intensive university.
Networking Opportunities
Exclusive invitations to industry-university focused events.
Exclusive Liaison
To NTU’s rich industrial collaboration ecosystem of schools, institutes and faculty.
Talent Pipeline 
Attract, Nurture and Anchor talent from NTU’s world-class researchers, faculty and students. 
Value-Added Solution
Through Multi-domain &
Inter-disciplinary research expertise.
Funding Prospects
Expert Assistance on attaining sustainable funding streams.


​​Here at GAIN, we are dedicated to helping you connect to NTU's robust network of resources to maximise your collaboration efforts.
As an internationally-acclaimed research hub, NTU is pleased to present GAIN as NTU's one-stop solution to accelerate industry-university partnerships. GAIN will serve as a platform for industry to connect with NTU's network of world-class researchers, staff, students and resources for stronger strategic collaborations. 

GAIN seeks to nurture synergistic intercompany and cross-disciplinary collaborations to create innovative and multi-domain solutions that value add to our industry partners. Together with GAIN Director (Prof. Madhavi Srinivasan), we look forward to working with strategic partners to leverage on our strengths to accelerate research innovation and collectively achieve a better future.

Professor Lam Khin Yong

Professor Lam Khin Yong 
Senior Vice President (Research)
NTU President’s Office
NTU is proud to present GAIN as one of our initiatives to create opportunities for greater university-industry engagement, strategic collaborations and research innovation.

​We invite you to leverage NTU’s rich industrial collaboration ecosystem and connect with over 5,000 world-class faculty, researchers, and infrastructure to build a brighter future together.

Professor Madhavi Srinivasan

Professor Madhavi Srinivasan 
Director, GAIN 
NTU President’s Office


Professor Madhavi Srinivasan
Director of GAIN, NTU President's Office and 
Co-director of the Singapore-CEA Alliance for Research in Circular Economy (SCARCE)
Ms Wendy ChinDr. Teh Lay Kuan​Dr Adele Lim Tzu Lin
Ms Wendy Chin
Senior Assistant Director
(Strategy and Partnerships),
NTU President's Office
​Dr Teh Lay Kuan
Assistant Director,
NTU President's Office
Dr Adele Lim Tzu Lin
Business Manager,
NTU President's Office
Ariel TanPatricia Chan - Assistant Manager, NTU President's OfficeMs Cheryl Ho
Ms Ariel Tan 
Assistant Director,
Office of Research and Technology in Defence and Security
​Patricia Chan
Assistant Manager,
NTU President's Office
Ms Cheryl Ho Qi Yun
Project Officer,
NTU President's Office and
Singapore-CEA Alliance for Research in Circular Economy (SCARCE)


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