Congratulations to our REP Students for being a Champion team in SCDF Lifesavers' Innovation Challenge 2018

Name of the competition: SCDF Lifesavers' Innovation Challenge 2018

About the Competition: The SCDF Lifesaver's Innovation Challenge is a competition that challenges undergraduates to propose and develop solutions to the existing challenges faced by the SCDF. The theme this year was centered around overcoming SCDF's resource constraints.
Date of the competition: Friday, 19th October 2018
Achievement: Champion
Prize: SGD$10,000
REP Students: Ang Yang, Chen Wei Jian, Poh Yong Keat
Product/Proposal: WEAVE - Creating Connections | Saving Lives
Their team analyzed the communication flow during emergency medical incidents and identified several pain points in the communication process that resulted in significant delay towards providing medical assistance to the patient. They thus proposed and created a system that connects the three main stakeholders in any emergency situation: the caller, the operator and the paramedic, via video feed. The team developed three separate apps with each user interface specifically designed to suit the profile of its user: a mobile app for the caller, a web app for the operator and a tablet app for the paramedic. This system thus enables a smoother information flow and constantly keeps all stakeholders in the loop. They also developed a mechanism that can modify existing AED alarms into IoT devices. The AED alarm can then be remotely activated by operators for Community First Responders (CFRs) to locate easily.

The judges were impressed by their detailed analysis of the communication process and technical proficiency of the solution. As Mrs Josephine Teo, Second Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs put it in her address for the Lifesavers' Connect 2018, "This is an excellent example of how simple innovations can empower all of us here to be more effective in our actions in crucial moments".

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