Congratulations to our REP Students for winning joint champions and runners up in SMRT Innovation challenge 2019

Name of the competition:  SMRT Innovation challenge

About the competition: To address key engineering and business challenges faced by local rail operator SMRT. 

Date of the competition: 10 April 2019
Achievement: Joint Champions and Runners up
Prize:  $2000 (Champions), $1000 (Runners up)

REP Students:  Team M Art EEE Rails and Team SM(A)RT comprising of Low Ker Yang, Kam Jun Hao, Palash Jain, Teo Ren Jie, Tiffany Kok. Team IOTA comprising of Tan Zhen Yuan and Lim Han Quan.

Product/Proposal: Team M Art EEE Rails and Team SM(A)RT tackled the engineering problem statement which involved finding a non-destructive way of visually inspecting the conditions of rubber support bearings in underground tunnels, working within an extremely limited clearance of 7cm for access to these bearings. Team IOTA tackled the business problem statement which involved finding new potential markets for SMRT’s multi-sensor wireless module, proposing that it be used in farm management to better monitor the condition of cattle and other livestock. 
  Team M Art EEE Rails 
 Team SM(A)RT

Team IOTA 

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