Congratulations to our REP Student (Tan Li Ling) for receiving the Global Undergraduate Awards 2018!

Name of the competition: The Global Undergraduate Awards 2018

About the Competition: The Undergraduate Awards is the world’s leading undergraduate awards programme which recognizes top undergraduate work, shares this work with a global audience and connects students across cultures and disciplines.
Date of the competition: 12th Nov to 14th Nov
Achievement: Global Winner for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences category
Prize: Certificate, medal and funded travel to event
REP Student: Tan Li Ling
Product/Proposal: Use of a microfluidics platform for polymersomes fabrication
Description: Tailorable properties of synthetic polymersomes have promised great potential for this vesicular carrier in drug delivery applications. This project explores a high-throughput, tunable and reproducible means for fabricating polymersomes of good monodispersity via microfluidics. 

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