Makers’ Lab

Makers’ Lab is a student led initiative to explore and move forward the maker culture in REP, in cooperation with various maker organisations.

Makers make things work. Here at Makers’ Lab, we add a touch of elegance to this motto. Our members are passionate both about merging technology with engineering principles to solve real life problems, as well as imparting our knowledge and passion to future makers. The Makers’ movement in Singapore is steadily gaining traction across the years and we want to propel this movement to greater heights through our club.

Makers’ Lab is founded on the principles on innovation and non-exclusivity. Anyone with the passion and determination can be a maker regardless of his/her course of specialization. We provide trainers who are skilled in both the latest software and hardware systems to train our members to be confident in handling large-scaled projects. Thereafter, members are free to pursue their own projects or initiatives which Makers’ Lab and REPO will gladly support. We believe that the best form of learning comes only through experience which can be long nights hacking your first prototype in our Makers’ space!

On top of the traditional Makers’ disciplines, we also introduce several design processes in our initiatives. These include graphic design principles, product design and using relevant software tools to put the skills to use. In addition, Design Thinking has become one of our latest area of focus, highlighting the need for user centric designs through our events. We believe that this new addition of focus not only brings about better products, but also coincides our mission of involving more students in our initiatives.

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