The REP Experience

REP is special as it provides various opportunities for students to explore what interests and inspires them, and not just academically. Be it giving you a stage for your first dance performance, the freedom to prototype and build random ideas, or even opportunities to start putting what you have learnt to the test through competitions, hackathons, and job attachments. It is all there in REP if you are willing to grasp it. Beyond that, it is the friends you make in REP that are the true highlights. The vibrant and driven community exposes you to unique perspectives, supports and motivates you to chase your goals, all while making university life so much more lively. That being said, joining this unique programme is challenging yet very rewarding.

Chionh Zhenyu Daryl, Year 2
Mechanical Engineering

The REP experience has been amazing not only because of its programme but also because of the people. In REP, I find myself surrounded by many like-minded yet diverse individuals. We are like-minded in the sense that all of us share the same determination to achieve our goals and aspirations. Yet, we each have diverse interests in fin-tech, UI/UX, machine learning, AI, product design, robotics, the start-up experience and much more. REP encourages conversation and collaboration between students with different interests and skills. Through workshops held by other students, we are encouraged to expand our horizon and learn from each other. REP supports the expansion and implementations of our ideas by giving us the appropriate resources such as the Maker’s Lab and support from REP fellows. REP empowers students to always challenge themselves and strive to achieve their goals.

Lee Seung Hyun, Year 3
Mechanical Engineering

REP is truly an experience you will not regret. Beyond the multi-faceted curriculum that provides the right amount of challenge to ensure lessons never get boring, REP provides numerous opportunities such as weekly workshops ranging from honing skills relevant for your career to pursuing your passion or even learning something totally new!

We also have a strong support system consisting of passionate professors and staff who ensure our continuous all-rounded growth and well-being. Having a small batch size also enables us to form a close-knit community and it's not uncommon to see seniors and juniors interacting on a daily basis with each other!

Nithya Krishnan, Year 4
 Computer Science

REP is a unique programme which offers students the opportunities and resources to explore a diverse range of interests including coding, designing, tinkering and business and finance. In REP, we are a vibrant community of passionate and talented individuals who continually inspire each other to excel and grow in our skills and character.

Ernest Tan Yong En, Year 5
 Computer Science ​​​

There are two aspects of REP that resonate with me: broad exposure and a strong sense of community. We are exposed to a wide variety of opportunities and engineering fields, which allows us to learn and develop our interests. As a tightly knit community of motivated individuals, different batches work closely together on many student-initiated projects. With Team-Based Learning, we are able to accelerate and consolidate our learning through pre-uploaded lectures and cooperative application exercises.

  Jaclyn Lee, 2019 graduate

REP is a family of like-minded, driven intellectuals. We work, play, eat and spend the best times of our youth together and creating fruition out of it. I really want to highlight the privileges of being in this programme: the friends you'll get to see daily in this Team-Based Learning structured learning, the up-the-notch professors we have, and the overseas year of study at a prestigious university.

  Tan Li Ling, 2019 graduate
 Materials Engineering

Above the many perks, the one thing that stands out is the collaborative spirit in REP and the collaborative form of learning, which other programmes may not have due to the standard lecture-tutorial system. There will be much diversity in the future economy; the only way to remain competitive is through collaboration. REP helps students prepare for that as leaders and effective team players, whether building a career or starting companies of their own.

  Jonathan Tan, 2018 graduate
Computer Engineering

REP is about rediscovering. It has exposed me to a wealth of opportunities that are not found elsewhere. Through the diverse experience, I learn much more about who I am, and what I want to do. Interaction with the REP family made me aim higher and reach further in life.

  Low Chang Hong, 2017 graduate
Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Eat, sleep, laugh and repeat. In REP, we do more than just studying. We are a close-knit community made up of highly motivated and intelligent individuals. Student-led initiatives are always encouraged and well supported. Overall, I have had a fruitful 4.5 years in REP and I am thankful to be a part of the family.

Yeo Lee Guan, 2017 graduate
  Aerospace Engineering​​

We had many exciting experiences and met many inspirational people here in REP. Whenever I look back at my time overseas or in our good old classroom, I realise that my fellow REPians are always at the heart of my best memories.

    Clarice Chow, 2016 graduate
Aerospace Engineering

REP offers me the opportunity to learn with and from bright minds. It is a community with people to bounce ideas off, where you find partners to challenge and support one another in collaboration and in pursuit of greater heights. I am grateful to have been given this opportunity for an unparalleled experience.

Sean Goh, 2016 graduate
 Civil Engineering ​

The most precious thing after 4.5 years in REP are the meaningful friendships and connections forged with classmates, juniors, professors, industry professionals and more. This would not have been possible without the opportunities and exposures provided by REP at the highest level. I am thankful to be part of this community and REP will always have a special place in my heart.

 Alex Chen, 2015 graduate
 Civil Engineering

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