Overseas Professional Attachment

It was an incredible experience interning at Dyson UK. I was an Research, Design and Development intern working alongside passionate design engineers, helping to design the next generation of Personal Care products. Beyond putting into practice the hard skills I picked up in school, I had the opportunity to learn from and work with the experts in the various fields like Finite Element Analysis and Materials, to name a few. I was able to gain a deeper appreciation of the dynamic, collaborative environment that Dyson actively cultivates, and I often felt empowered by the strong sense of autonomy offered by Dyson's workplace culture. For instance, my manager listed the desired goals and gave me the freedom to achieve them in whichever way I deem fit. It was a joy to work in such an exciting company, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Loh Xing Bao Colin, Year 4
Mechanical Engineering
Interned at Dyson, UK

It was an incredibly valuable experience to work at the Data Science team in McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT), London. MAT has a unique ‘tech start up’ culture and the workplace environment was very flexible and comfortable. I was given a fair amount of autonomy for my professional attachment project and my supervisors had conducted frequent catch-up sessions to ensure that I can raise queries when needed. Taking part in their ‘what-are-we-up-to’ meetings also gave me more exposure to the technologies used in the industry and piqued my academic interests. My module selection at Imperial was also largely influenced by my time at MAT, as I could relate the academic knowledge to the tools used in the industry. 

My supervisor was also very kind in giving me the opportunity to visit the headquarters at McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, where the iconic and legendary McLaren cars are exhibited. As a Formula 1 fan myself, that trip was something I can never forget!

Shawn Chen, Year 4
Computer Engineering
Interned at McLaren Applied Technology, London

During my professional attachment, I worked at Agritecture, an urban farming consulting firm based in New York City. Before it, I had minimal knowledge about agriculture and food sustainability, and never knew how it could be viable in built-up cities. As part of my work, I developed economic feasibility models for an online platform, aimed to help aspiring growers design their own farms and assess its profitability. Through the project and technical mentorship from the consultants, I gained much knowledge on urban agriculture and its growing importance as population sizes tend to increase in the cities. This is especially true for Singapore, as the need to achieve greater food security in our country becomes critical in the coming decades. Living in New York City was also an amazing experience, particularly during summer. There are morning concerts, great food, museums, parks and Broadway shows. New York is truly “the City that Never Sleeps”.

James Chong, Year 5
Mechanical Engineering
Interned at Agritecture, New York

My professional attachment with the JUMP team in Uber was an eye-opening experience where I was exposed to what it was like to work at both a big tech company and a startup simultaneously. While Uber itself has become a large tech company, the rapidly growing JUMP team feels and operates like a startup. The fast paced working environment was an excellent opportunity for growth and learning, and the open culture in Uber also meant that I was able to learn about the work of various other teams and be exposed to topics well beyond the scope of my intern project. Being able to be immersed in a working culture starkly different from that in Singapore, and to work with some of the best engineers and designers had been invaluable. I truly appreciated the opportunities provided by REP and Uber.

New Jin Rui, Year 5
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Interned at Uber, San Francisco

My internship with ST Engineering Aerospace San Antonio has provided a great opportunity for me to learn more about the Maintenance Repair and Overhaul industry. I learnt a lot about how the company operates on both the business and technical aspects through the various projects, meetings and site visits. Learning about the VIP aircraft interiors industry, seeing all the different kinds of work that went on behind the scenes, and stepping into a final completed aircraft for the first time was also an eye-opening experience. The interdisciplinary curriculum in REP has also been very useful in tackling the various projects that I took on, many of which required an integration of knowledge from different specialisations. The internship helped me to develop communication and interpersonal skills that are relevant in the workplace. It was also a joy to work alongside such friendly, hospitable and helpful colleagues and experienced a different working culture. I am really grateful to be given this opportunity by REP and CAO.

Tan Jia Liang, Year 5
 Aerospace Engineering
 Interned at ST Engineering Aerospace, San Antonio

Micron Technology is a leading American producer of computer memory and data storage solutions headquartered in Boise, Idaho. My internship experience at Micron had provided me with an immense opportunity to better understand the semiconductor industry and how the technology development team works with other departments to drive continuous innovation. Essentially, I found this similar to the REP curriculum, where students from different engineering backgrounds get to work together and create something beyond their individual abilities.

Throughout my internship, I was given the opportunity to take ownership of my projects and worked directly with engineers from both the United States and Singapore. I am grateful for the guidance received from engineers across various functional teams and felt that my contributions were valued and had real manufacturing impact. The working culture at Micron emphasises greatly on striking a work-life balance, and it helps me frame what my ideal work environment is like. 

Wilson Chan Wei Jie, Year 5
  Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Interned at Micron Technology, Boise

My professional attachment at the MSD Prague IT Innovation Hub was very enriching as I was fully exposed to what it is like to be part of a software development team. Developing a web application for a large company like MSD proved to be vastly different from the projects and hackathons that I had worked on before. I picked up a lot of knowledge regarding the newest technologies in web development, and learned the good practices in software development to manage huge projects.

The transparent working environment provided an opportunity to observe the work of both developers and UX Designers. In addition, I observed first-hand how users interact with the application we were building. This made the work really meaningful as we could see how our product affects the lives of our users. It was also very interesting to observe differences between their working culture and ours. It really puts things into perspective and helps me frame what my ideal work environment is like.

Garion Ng Yu Xuan, Year 5
Computer  Engineering
Interned at MSD IT Global Innovation Center

My overseas professional attachment experience with Dyson UK had taught me countless critical professional skills. Working within Dyson’s atmosphere of innovation definitely inspired me to be more confident and forthcoming with ideas. I was truly fortunate to meet people from all over the world, make plenty of friends and connections that would open up opportunities in the future. Living in the beautiful UK was also a huge advantage as I was blessed with the chance to travel and experience numerous beautiful sceneries. Overall, the overseas professional attachment experience was extremely rewarding and I am very appreciative of this opportunity provided by REP.

Pavatharani Senthil Kumar, Year 5
 Aerospace Engineering
 Interned at Dyson, UK

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