Director's Message

NTU's​ Prof Gan Chee Lip.jpgRenaissance Engineering Programme (REP) is committed to nurture engineering leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit to serve society with integrity and dedication. Our unique broad-based, inter-disciplinary engineering education, which integrates engineering, science, business, technology management and humanities, prepares students to be future-ready whereby students can learn and unlearn while taking on top positions as Chief Executive Officers and Chief Technology Officers. During the programme, students can look forward to a one-year overseas study stint at a renowned partner university, including working with an organization as part of Professional Attachment requirements. These lay the foundation for global perspectives and cross-cultural capabilities which are inherently critical qualities for future leaders. Leadership is a special feature in REP, as we provide a structured leadership development programme for students to discover their potential. At the REP, we adopt new pedagogies of learning and teaching, which train students to take on a more dynamic and participative role in their own learning. 

The student life in REP is marked by its vibrancy and close-knit community. Students can enjoy guaranteed hall stay in North Hill, an integrated teaching and residential facility for REP. Outside the classroom, there are plenty of fun-filled events and activities spearheaded by the student body of REP, called the REClub.​

We strive to ensure that REP students have an enriching and holistic experience in NTU as well as the partner university in Year 3. We warmly welcome you to the REP community, and wish you a fantastic journey ahead.

Professor Lalit Goel 
Renaissance Engineering Programme


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