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​Rest pod and other features in NTU Lee Wee Nam Library

Published on: 13-Sep-2018

​NTU alumni and 958FM DJ Zhong Ming returned to his alma mater, one of the world’s most beautiful campuses, with DJ-partner Qi Qi to explore the Lee Wee Nam Library. Aside from the interactive spaces and plush seats,  the library now has a rest pod, an idea conceived by a group of Minor in Entrepreneurship students. One of the team members, Lim Woei Yi, said that the team wanted to find a solution to a problem students here have – lack of sleep. Team leader Bill Pung said the rest pod, a pilot, has been in operation for two weeks, and has about 10 to 15 bookings a day. Students are allowed to rest in the pod for a maximum of 30 minutes. To keep the pod clean, the team checks and changes the sheets regularly, and added that they are constantly refining their processes during the pilot. It took about two days to assemble the pod, with parts bought from China, and a week more to ensure that the features of the pod worked properly. Senior librarians Cheng Wei Yeow and Frank Seah said that Lee Wee Nam Library got a facelift last year, and now boasts new spaces and new features to take into account students’ different learning methods today. They hope to turn the library into a testbed for new ideas and technologies. This include the Green Bikes, which allows students to charge their devices by pedalling on the bike, and adult-sized Lego-like blocks that allow students to destress and unleash their creativity.

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