FlexiMasters (SoH)

This FlexiMasters is designed to develop participants’ skills in written communication, with a focus on reasoning about matters of ethical, social, and political significance in an increasingly globalized world. The curriculum combines technical courses in academic writing, practical ethics and digital literacy with substantive topics from across the humanities. Participants will acquire a global outlook through exposure to the written experiences of peoples of multiple nationalities, cultures, diasporas, linguistic traditions, economic strata, and gender identities. A significant portion of the course will evaluate social norms and governmental policies that impact lives in a broad cross-section of the world’s population.

Participants who complete this FlexiMasters will be skilled at writing articulately and persuasively about the most pressing challenges that face the world today – and do so in a way that adds value to how their employers (in business, industry, NGO’s and civil-service) engage customers, shareholders, industry partners and other relevant parties.

FlexiMastersCoursesAcademic UnitCourse Date
Professional Development:
Writing, Research, and Practical Ethics in the Information Age ​
CET100 ​Professional Communication: Essentials1 
CET101 Professional Communication: Interpersonal skills1 
CET102 Professional Communication: Speaking skills1 
CET103 Big Data in the Information Age1 
CET104 Hardware in the Information Age1 
CET105 ​Language and Technology: Mediums of Communication1 
CET106 ​Language and Technology: The Internet as Corpus​1 
​CET107 Language and Technology: The Semantic Web1 
CET108 Networks in the Information Age1 
CET109 Practical Ethics I: Foundations and Applications of Ethics1 
CET110 ​Practical Ethics II: Ethics All Around Us1 
CET111 Practical Ethics III: Ethics in the Professions1 
CET112 Software in the Information Age11 - 22 Apr 2023
CET113 Understanding the creative industries1 
CET114 Writing and research for the creative industries1 
CET115 Writing for the creative industries II1 
  • Courses approved for SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) course fee funding
  • SkillsFuture Credit Approved​​​
FlexiMasters in Publishing is designed to give students an initial grounding in the primary principles, business, and artistry of contemporary publishing. Students will develop their confidence, knowledge and employability in the publishing industry through a curriculum that combines courses such as Publishing in Contemporary Singapore, Book Editing, Magazine Editing, and Electronic Publications with appropriate topics from other FlexiMasters courses in the Humanities. Students will acquire local knowledge and a global outlook through interaction with faculty well versed in editorial work, the history of publishing, the business of publishing, theoretical perspectives, new technologies of production, and emerging electronic forms. 

Participants who complete this FlexiMasters will not only have set out to master how publishing content is commissioned, designed, produced, and marketed across a variety of electronic and physical media, but will also develop a unique and enterprising mindset to carry forward in individual projects and with prospective employers.


FlexiMastersCoursesAcademic UnitCourse Date
PublishingCET100 ​Professional Communication: Essentials1
CET101 Professional Communication: Interpersonal skills1 
CET102 Professional Communication: Speaking skills1 
CET113 Understanding the creative industries1 
CET114 Writing and research for the creative industries1 
CET115 Writing for the creative industries II1 
CET116 Introduction to Contemporary
CET118 Editorial Functions and Strategies
CET119 Technology and Electronic Publishing1 
CET120 Marketing and Sales1 
CET121 Book Editing​1 
CET122 Magazine Editing1 
CET123 Copy Editing14 - 25 Mar 2023
CET124 Editorial Theory and Practice1 
CET150 Author Branding1 
CET151 Literary Publishing1 
CET152 Book Manuscript Workshop I1 
CET153 Book Manuscript Workshop II1 
  • Courses approved for SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) course fee funding
  • SkillsFuture Credit Approved​​​

Note: Please check individual course closing date. For enquiries about the courses, please email to pace@ntu.edu.sg​​

NTU Class of 2021 Graduates can now enjoy up to 12 Academic Units (AUs) of courses for free by utilising the alumni course credits (valid till June 2023). Earn nine AUs to qualify for a Graduate Certificate, and just need six more AUs to stack up to a FlexiMasters (15AUs) – paying out of pocket for only 3AUs!

Note: Only Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs) are eligible for course subsidies. 



Each course is assigned with an academic unit number, which indicates the amount of learning undertaken and the depth of learning involved. Assessments will be conducted during the session and participants will be graded based on their performance in the assessment. Each completed course is stackable to the relevant FlexiMasters Certificate.​

To be awarded the FlexiMasters Certificate, participants will have to attain 15AUs with each course of minimum GPA 2.5 (which is equivalent to a letter grade of C+) and above​.

To earn a Graduate Certificate, participants will have to complete 9AUs of coursework with each course of minimum GPA 2.5 and above. 

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