FlexiMasters (SCBE)

FlexiMasters​ in Professional Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Practices

FlexiMasters in Professional Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Practices provides training in both theoretical and practical competence in the professional fields. Courses in this programme are designed to include various tools and methods commonly utilized in industry for fresh graduates as well as early career engineers.

Participants will be able to apply the skillsets learned to deliver results and fast forward their professional development in engineering career.

CourseAcademic UnitCourse Date
CET319 Bridging the industry skills1
CET320 Decision Making through Data Analytics*1 
CET321 Industrial Safety skills and applications1 
CET322 Innovations through Design Thinking1 
CET323 Develop your Success in Engineering Career1 
CET324 From Engineering to Project Management1 
CET325 Six Sigma for Engineers1 
CET326 Machine Learning with Python*1 
CET327 Process Engineering in Chemical Process Industry (CPI)1 
CET328 Process Plant Troubleshooting & Engineering Problem Solving*1 
CET329 Quality assurance and control in Chemical Process Industry1 
CET330 Root Cause Analysis for Incident Investigation*1 
CET331 Practical Supply Chain and Logistics1 
CET332 Fundamental considerations in the health and biomedical sector1 
CET333 Instrumentation Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry1 
CET334 Instrumentation FTIR-TGA-Size1 
CET335 Point-of-Care In Vitro Diagnostics1 
CET336 Instrumentation Raman Spectroscopy, ICP-OES and XRD1 

* Online learning

  • Courses approved for SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) course fee funding

Note: Please check individual course closing date. For enquiries about the courses, please email to pace@ntu.edu.sg​​

Each course is assigned with an academic unit number, which indicates the amount of learning undertaken and the depth of learning involved. Assessments will be conducted during the session and participants will be graded based on their performance in the assessment. Each completed course is stackable to the FlexiMasters Certificate.​

The FlexiMasters in Professional Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Practices will be awarded to participants who have attain 15 AUs with each course of minimum GPA 2.5 (which is equivalent to a letter grade of C+) and above​ of the selected FlexiMasters​ and its relevant courses.

To earn a Graduate Certificate in Professional Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Practicesparticipants will have to complete 9 AUs of coursework with each course of minimum GPA 2.5 and above. 

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