WorkLife Transition Programme: Preparation for the Next Chapter

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Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU)


Continuing Education and Training Certificate


The WorkLife Transition Programme is dedicated to transitioning people successfully into their next phase of their lives through an individually focused 6-step programme.

In the busyness of life, most working adults forget to take time out to think, introspect and plan for the next, third phase of their lives and before one realises it, it is time.

The third phase means many things to different people. It can be a continuation of the second phase, it can be a time to pursue a different interest, or a time to sit back and “smell the roses” so to speak.

Whatever that maybe, preparedness and planning is the key to making the most out of that time.

The key objectives of the programme are to help individuals:
• transition successfully into their next phase of their lives through a 6-step programme
• proactively plan and manage work-life transition at milestone junctions
• identify one’s key strengths/skills and support system
• set SMART goals and create action plans to achieve goals at different stages in life

Day 1

• Who am I?
Exploring your personality, accomplishments, interest and values.
• Who is in my inner circle?
Establishing who are in your family, friends and social circles who will support you.


• What are my core skills?
Taking stock of your current core skills.
• What are my options?
Exploring future corporate and non-corporate roles.
• What new skills do I need to learn?
Determining new skills to learn.

Day 2

• What is the state of my mental health?
Establishing how mentally resilient you are and how to improve on that state.
• What is the state of my physical health?
Establishing the state of your physical health and how to build physical activities into your routine.
• What is the state of my diet?
Establishing the dietary requirements and to ensure healthy eating habits.
• Health information literacy.


• What is my personal vision?
Creating your vision of the future.
• What goals do I have?
Setting goals on what you want to achieve in the future and activities you will kick-start in preparation for your new phase in life.

Day 3

• How prepared am I in the practicalities of my life?
Determine my preparedness for managing my medical, financial, social and technology aspects for everyday living.


• What I have learnt?
Review of what you have learnt from the programme.
• What I plan to do?
Present what activities you will set in motion to achieve your vision and goals, and possible support you will need from your family, friends and social circle.

Everyone who wish to plan ahead for the future.

Standard Course Fee: S$770.40

Course fee payable after NSA funding, if eligible

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  • All fees stated are inclusive of 7% GST
  • 2National Silver Academy (NSA) Subsidy - Singaporean seniors (aged 50 years and above during year of the course) will receive subsidies up to 50% of the standard course fee, subject to a maximum of $500 per course. For more information, please refer to funding.
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Ms Hazel Loh

Hazel is Head of NTU Library Administration & Operations and a librarian by training. She specialises in library management, particularly in the area of library systems and technology. She now handles staff training and development.

Hazel co-facilitates the worklife transition programme and runs the mentorship programme for staff who are seeking guidance in areas of leadership and softskills development.

Ms Catherine Tan

Ms Catherine Tan

Catherine is a facilitator of industry specific and life-skills workshops. She is also involved in career counselling for working adults. She helps individuals evaluate their strengths and weakness, determine their interests, set goals and explore options.  She has switched industries and experienced career changes. She has worked in various industries with regional roles. With a Specialist Diploma in Career Counselling, she is now pursuing her passion in creating awareness in positivity in everyday life.