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SGUnited Skills Programme in Business Analytics And Automation Tools

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Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU)


Continuing Education and Training Certificate


This 6-month full-time programme is specially designed by industry professionals and practitioners to cover the practical aspects of Business Analytics and Automation Tools.

The programme focuses on extensive hands-on work that allows trainees to gain an in-depth knowledge on the use of business analytics and automation tools; and build a portfolio of projects completed that will demonstrate their capabilities during job interview.

As business processes and work gets redesigned, redefined and reworked, the biggest impact will be on individuals and the work they do.

Whilst the domain knowledge and expertise of a job might not change much, how work is carried out will see a big change – from extracting insights from data to the use of automation tools, the nature of work will be impacted

Learn the skills, tools and techniques in data analytics and automation tools to stay ahead in a digital economy.

Module Title


Analyzing and Interpreting Data and Communicating Insights

Knowing how to analyse data, extract insights from data, interpreting charts and analytics, and presenting the analysis to a varied audience is a competency that is a “must have” for any individual, firm or organization. Participants will learn how to get the most of MS Excel’s “Data Analysis” ToolPak and applications like Tableau.

Leveraging on Data Analytics for Value-Creation

Every business seeks to increase its value through growth in sales and profits, and reducing costs. This has always been and will continue to do so. What has changed though, is the way to achieve it. The urgency to re-make or even re-invent business models is brought about by the technological developments and the rapid digitization and digitalization of businesses.
Within the context of Sales and Marketing, a key functional area in any business, participants will learn, through the use of applications like TIBCO Spotfire, how to identify relevant data sources, mine that data and use the insights, e.g. to increase revenues and increase customer experience.

Getting the most out of
Automation Tools

Automation has the most direct impact on jobs and work as we know it. Participants will learn how to address and make use of automation approach and tools in the work they do and the jobs they are in. Participants will understand Industry 4.0 technologies and applications and how to use them in different jobs and work settings.

Through case examples and engagement with individuals that develop and use technologies like Gleematics RPA, participants will get a better understanding of how to leverage automation technology in their jobs and work.

End of Course Project

Participants will get the opportunity to work on and present a mini real-world project that will incorporate all the skills learnt in this course. The participants will have to present their project to a Panel made up of industry professionals and practitioners.


Our learning approach is based around learning by doing, peer discussions, coaching by industry practitioners, case studies and engagement with industry.

Student Support & Outcomes

Module Title


Real-World Applicability

The content and curriculum is specifically designed to equip participants with skills associated with data analysts that have been identified by companies and industry practitioners.  Skills like data analysis and data storytelling are core and portable skills that complement existing domain knowledge and skill set
Mentoring and Facilitated Projects Through interactions with trainers and industry, participants will get valuable inputs and insights on how to use technology and skills learnt in the course in real life.  There is no better way to get connected with future employers than through personal interactions with trainers and speakers.

Building a Portfolio of Project Work

There will be more than enough opportunities for participants to work on mini-projects designed by trainers and practitioners.  The final course project further serves to validate the participants understanding of the key concepts and lessons learnt.  The presentation to a panel provides further opportunities to demonstrate the new competencies.

Employability and Career Guidance

Participants will get to network and tap on the trainers’ and speakers’ network during the six month programme.  Participants will have ample time and opportunity to also identify areas of interest that they wish to pursue.



This programme is for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents jobseekers meeting the following criteria:

  1. Two or more years of experience and have been impacted by COVID-19
  2. Diploma or equivalent work experience with background in Information Technology (IT), Business Administration (BA)
  3. Pre-course assessment and interview


Training Allowance:

All trainees will receive training allowance of $1,200 per month for the duration of course attended.

Standard Course Fee: S$12,840.00

Course fee payable after SSG funding for eligible trainees

SGUS Subsidy


  • All fees stated are inclusive of 7% GST
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Francis Tay

Francis Tay

Lecturer, NTU WKWSCI
Founder & CEO, NextGen Ventures Pte Ltd
Director, Singapura Management Pte Ltd

Francis is currently a lecturer at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Wee Kim Wee School for Communications and Information (WKWSCI), teaching Business Intelligence and Information Entrepreneurship in the Master of Knowledge Management course.  His courses are also taken up by students reading for their Master of Information Systems, Master of Information Studies and Master of Mass Communications.  He has also taught Organizational Leadership and Information Sources and Services in the Master of Information Studies course.  He has been teaching at NTU for more than 10 years.

Francis has authored three books “Latent Factors”, “Turning Good Ideas into Great Businesses” and “Picking Winners”.  The first two books focus on business advantages and financial models and the third book is on market intelligence and building up market and sector models for benchmarking analysis.  His market intelligence and benchmarking portal – - was developed as a real-time update for “Picking Winners”.

He is concurrently a Director at Singapura Management Pte Ltd, a corporate services company providing bookkeeping, tax and other services to local and foreign SMEs.  He founded NextGen Ventures Pte Ltd, an equity investment company that focuses on technology and Internet-related businesses.  He has held senior positions in government and government-linked organizations.

Francis obtained his Honours degree from NUS, majoring in Economics and Computer Science & Applications, and his Master of Science in Management (Sloan Fellowship) from the London Business School in the UK.  Francis served 5 years on the National Youth Council’s Singapore Youth Awards (SYA) Entrepreneurship committee and has provided mentorship to companies and others under various business programmes at universities and start-up accelerators.