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Blockchain has gone from the esoteric underpinning of Bitcoin to a hyped-up technology that businesses in every sector believe could have a transformational effect. Many enterprises are now heavily investing in blockchain applications. In PwC's 2018 global blockchain, 84 percent of the 600 executives from 15 territories who responded said that their organisations had at least some involvement with blockchain technology.

This course introduces the key points about Blockchain that you need to know – the real blockchain definition, the basis behind blockchain and the problem it is trying to solve, how it can benefit the world, the reason for so much attention and controversy. What is a private vs public blockchain and the differences between them?

Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will be able to:

1. Compare the differences between Blockchain 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.
2. Analyse the history of blockchain and how it came about.
3. Learn and apply the need for blockchain technology.
4. Applying Blockchain Technology to their daily lives.
5. Proof of Work Vs Proof of Stake.
6. Master the functions of Mining and Different Consensus Models.
7. Understand the Shortcomings and Limitations of the current state of blockchain technology.
8. Provide overview and comparison of the different regulatory environments in the world for application of blockchain technology.
9. Understand how a public and private blockchain works and the different consensus models which go behind it, alongside an overview of both.
10. Acquire the basic understanding of what is a public and private blockchain.
11. Understand the different data that is existent on a public blockchain as compared to a private blockchain and what that data means.
12. Understand the progress of ICOs and the evolution of its taxonomy.
13.Understand the Shortcomings and Limitations of the current state of blockchain technology.

  1. Proof of Work
  2. Proof of Stake
  3. Cryptographic Hash Function
  4. SHA 256
  5. Timestamping
  6. Nonce
  7. Previous Hash
  8. UTO
  9. STO
  10. PTO
  11. ICO
  12. ATO
  13. Mining Difficulty
  14. Block Interval
  15. Unspent Transactions
Professionals who are looking to apply blockchain technology or propose the use of blockchain technology in their companies

Standard Course Fee: S$S$648.00

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Mr Japhet Lim

Japhet Lim

  • Guest Speaker for the Singapore delegation in the China and Singapore Belt and Road Economic Cooperation Summit Forum
  • Students include entrepreneurs, tertiary students, office workers and stay home housewives
  • Able to teach the course in BOTH Mandarin AND English
  • Interviewed by Youku,the dominant social video platform on the topic of Cryptocurrencies
  • Interview by Showfx exhibition in Singapore
  • Certified BlockChain Expert by World Blockchain Council
  • Author of “The GuideBook for the Crypto Beginner
  • Head of Blockchain Development at Jigsaw Capital

Dr Lillian Koh

Dr Lillian Koh

Dr Lillian Koh is the CEO of Fintech Academy & Director at Centre of Research and Innovation at NTUitive Advisor, Singapore Digital Chamber of Commerce. After serving 17 years at the Ministry of Education and another 17 years at Nanyang Technological University, she is the CEO of Fintech Academy. Other previous appointments include Faculty Associate at A*Star, Consultant to MOE, UNESCO, NHG, Pearson, Citigroup and World Bank.