Leveraging Data Analytics for Sales & Marketing

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Every business seeks to increase its value through growth in sales and profits.  This has always been and will continue to do so.  What has changed though, is the way to achieve it.

Globalization and rapid commoditization of goods and services have put pressures on businesses to re-evaluate their business models.  Companies need to be global ready, i.e. ready to take on the competition that are coming into our market whether we like it or not.  The urgency to re-make or even re-invent business models is brought about by the technological developments and the rapid digitization and digitalization of businesses.

Companies are incorporating, or at the very least, leveraging on technologies in their operations.  They are digitally connecting themselves to their suppliers, partners, government and customers.  This is done more out of necessity rather than a good to have.   Not doing so will have an impact on sales and profits as competitors can now easily connect to your existing customers.   Businesses will have to embrace the changes and respond.

Two things that have stood out in the digital economy are the potential of data analytics and the opportunity to be more sensing as an organization.  Data analysis is not new to businesses, and neither is being sensing.  However, the scope and scale of data analysis and sensing has changed exponentially.  Companies are now able to analyze large volumes of data and information to gain insights about the customer, competitors and the market.  They are also able to leverage on their digitally connected network of employees, business partners and customers to provide inputs and insights.

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  • Date(s): 14 to 15 Dec 2021

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Sales and Marketing is one of the main strategies of any company.  A company’s sales and marketing strategy must have two important components; (1) understanding the customer experience, and (2) being a customer-centric organization.

As each product or service that a company sells has a different target audience, companies will need to address the customer (both B2B and B2C) experience for each.  Understanding the customer goes beyond profiling the customer; a company seeks to understand the “How”, “When”, “Why” and “Where” of the purchase cycle.   With detailed knowledge of the purchase cycle – pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase – a company will then be able to plan its engagement with the customer or potential customer.   Technology and data analytics play a big role in today’s efforts to engage the customer.

Being a customer-centric organization, is a way of doing business with your customers in a way that provides a positive customer experience before and after the sale in order to drive repeat business, customer loyalty and profits. And a customer-centric company is more than a company that offers good service.  Technology that is helping businesses to be more sensing will be a critical success factor.

The objective of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge on how to leverage on data analytics and market sensing to improve sales and marketing efforts.

This is not a course on sales and marketing, but a course on how to leverage on latest technologies and applications to improve the sales and marketing efforts.  The course does not teach participants on how to use specific business intelligence or data analytic tools, but does make reference on how such tools can be used by the organization to analyze different types of data and information. 

The areas that are covered in this course include:

• What data analytics and market sensing is about and its critical role in the sales and marketing efforts, e.g. building up and evaluating the sales funnel, improve sales closure rate, etc.
• Learning what customer intelligence is about and how to go about obtaining it.
Identifying data source and data for analysis.
• Mapping the customer experience and how to use it effectively.
• A template to plan a marketing initiative, starting with the Value-Needs Matrix.
• Learn about market sensing tools.
• Useful business models to improve sales and marketing.

At the end of this course, participants will have a better appreciation of data analytics and market sensing and its application in the organization. 

Through a mix of lecture, case studies and interactive workout sessions, participants will have a better understanding and appreciation of the role of data analytics and market sensing in the sales and marketing process.

This course is open to anyone interested in data analytics and market sensing and its use in the organization to make strategy decisions.

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Francis Tay

Francis Tay

Mr. Francis Tay Lecturer, NTU WKWSCI Founder & CEO, NextGen Ventures Pte Ltd Director, Singapura Management Pte Ltd Francis is currently a lecturer at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Wee Kim Wee School for Communications and Information (WKWSCI), teaching Business Intelligence and Information Entrepreneurship in the Master of Knowledge Management course. His courses are also taken up by students reading for their Master of Information Systems, Master of Information Studies and Master of Mass Communications. He has also taught Organizational Leadership and Information Sources and Services in the Master of Information Studies course. He has been teaching at NTU for more than 10 years. Francis has authored three books “Latent Factors”, “Turning Good Ideas into Great Businesses” and “Picking Winners”. The first two books focus on business advantages and financial models and the third book is on market intelligence and building up market and sector models for benchmarking analysis. His market intelligence and benchmarking portal – www.profitstrail.com - was developed as a real-time update for “Picking Winners”. He is concurrently a Director at Singapura Management Pte Ltd, a corporate services company providing bookkeeping, tax and other services to local and foreign SMEs. He founded NextGen Ventures Pte Ltd, an equity investment company that focuses on technology and Internet-related businesses. He has held senior positions in government and government-linked organizations. Francis obtained his Honours degree from NUS, majoring in Economics and Computer Science & Applications, and his Master of Science in Management (Sloan Fellowship) from the London Business School in the UK. Francis served 5 years on the National Youth Council’s Singapore Youth Awards (SYA) Entrepreneurship committee and has provided mentorship to companies and others under various business programmes at universities and start-up accelerators.