Emerging Technologies for Digital Transformation - Cloud Computing, AI, Big Data and Blockchain Technology

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Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU)


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With the enormous growth of Big Data, the technological advancement in Artificial intelligence (AI), and the availability of cloud computing, are revolutionizing the way we collect, analyse, store, and use data and this megatrend can be an important tool for governments, private sectors, and individuals to work together in order to create economic value in global digital world. Even though Blockchain technology is, still in early stages of development, it is clear that it will have a huge impact on the global digital economy as it is quickly gaining popularity in several industries. The most popular application of Blockchain has been in cryptocurrencies; however, it has the potential to transform various areas such as finance, logistics, smart manufacturing, smart contracts, e-health, e-payment etc.

Therefore, aim of this course is for the participants to understand and gain deep insights into emerging technologies for digital transformation, in order to reinvent and modernize their businesses and make it more efficient and flexible by taking advantage of the latest technological advances in order to benefit from strong digital economy.

Course Availability

  • Date(s): 11 to 12 May 2023

    Time: 9:00AM to 5:00PM

    Venue: NTU@one-north campus, Executive Centre (Buona Vista)

    Registration Closing Date: 27 Apr 2023

The objectives of this course for the participants are to:
• Learn about emerging technologies, such as Cloud computing, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and their role in driving digital transformation and how to implement them in your organisation.
• Understand the basic concepts of Blockchain, the development of Blockchain technology, and the potential business applications to increase efficiency and solve business problems associated with data privacy, and security.
• Learn from best practices from Singapore regarding infrastructure, data governance to support digital transformations in organisations
• Appreciate the role of public institutes and Singapore’s “Smart Nation” approach in the development and growth of digital transformation
• Learn skills and strategies in order to implement, manage, control, and govern digital transformation at individual, national and international level. 

1) Concepts of AI (Supervised and Unsupervised learning, Machine learning, Deep learning etc.), how the Big Data is fuelling AI growth, the areas of the economy that are expected to benefit the most (Automation, Health, Finance, retail, E-commerce, Smart Assistants etc.) and potential economic, ethical, and social impact to the future digital world. 

2) Cloud computing, the major features and functionalities of cloud computing, cloud computing application examples, cloud models and services.

3) Introduction to Blockchain technology. Types of Blockchain technology. Key concepts and features of Blockchain technology and Distributed Ledger Technologies.

4) Instruction to cryptography. Secrete key cryptography, public-key cryptosystems, Diffie-Hellman key exchange, RSA and   Elliptical curve cryptography, hashing, digital signature, P2P networks

5) Blockchain Technology Businesses Applications (Smart contracts, Supply chain management, Bitcoin, smart payment system, cloud computing, e-voting, banking and finance, healthcare, Internet of things (IoT) etc.).

    Suitable for anyone from all disciplines.


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    Dr Mohammed Yakoob Siyal

    Dr Mohammed Yakoob Siyal

    Dr Siyal holds MSc and PhD degrees in Computer Engineering from University of Manchester, UK and an MBA (specializing in IT) degree from European Management School, Surrey University, England. Dr Siyal has been working in Universities in Europe and Asia and has been involved in teaching, research and supervising/advising students in Information Security areas at the school of EEE, NTU, Singapore. With his inter-disciplinary background he has been teaching and conducting research in Information Security, Medical Image Processing, Computer Vision, E-business/IT Management, Innovation and technology management areas. Dr Siyal has published over 200 refereed journal and conference papers and has authored 8 books. At NTU, he has won numerous teaching awards including “Best Dressed Teacher”, “Teaching Excellence Award” and “Nanyang Teaching Excellence Award”.