Creativity thru Design Thinking Skills in the Digital Economy

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In this age of disruptive technology, creative thinkers are absolutely essential, no longer just “nice to have.” Every organization would benefit from individuals who are not merely good in their technical competencies, but also lateral and divergent thinkers, lifelong learners constantly looking to up-skill and re-skill to stay relevant, professionals who can “connect the dots” and solve problems creatively across different fields. 

In every industry, we see investment and building of capabilities in the four frontier technologies – AI (artificial intelligence) and Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Immersive Media and Internet of Things. With these frontier technologies are slowly replacing old roles, there is a need to prepare the next generation of professionals for future job roles and business opportunities. While being equipped with the new technical skills is critical in the preparation, it is also essential to upgrade the mindset of the future workforce to embrace and even lead the changes before they happen. With the pace of such changes coming at breakneck speed, one of the critical skills of the future identified by many business analysts is creative thinking skill.

Based on his extensive experience leading and training in multinationals across the region, the trainer has created a unique programme that combines the best of creative theories and real-world industry case studies.

Packed with lots of hands-on creativity exercises, brainstorming, mental challenges and candid industry-specific discussions, this workshop empowers professionals for a future-ready organization.

Course Availability

  • Date(s): 26 Jun 2023

    Time: 9:00AM to 5:00PM

    Venue: [email protected] campus, Executive Centre (Buona Vista)

    Registration Closing Date: 12 Jun 2023

By the end of the workshop, participants would be able to walk away with the following learning outcomes:

• Understand the WHY of creative thinking that could empower individuals to lead changes in the disruptive world
• Analyse the factors of digital disruption and the impact in the global economy (Fourth Industrial Revolution)
• Growth mindset vs fixed mindset in the VUCA world  Switch from problem-analysis to solutions-focused to achieve sustainable growth
• Setting SMART Goals vs DUMB Goals
• The Creative Toolbox that can drive your business model  The emotional side to creative thinking
• Communicating creative ideas effectively

Module 1: Helping the participants to tune in mentally
Module 2: What are the factors of digital disruption, and what is the importance of creativity and its relationship with sustainable growth?
Module 3: Understanding our brain and creativity: nature or nurture?
Module 4: Roadblocks of creativity
Module 5: Overview of Design Thinking in product/market development
Module 6: Starting with Empathy
Module 7: Innovation techniques and asking the right questions
Module 8: Participants share key takeaways, with trainer elaboration and motivation

This program is suitable for all professionals who would like to be the ones leading the changes in the VUCA world. Most professionals are proficient in technical competencies, but that is barely the foundation and will not be enough in this dynamic environment. Professionals need to be life-long learners who continually upskill themselves and keep up with the global trends in their industries. To lead the change, they must continue to reinvent themselves by innovating so as to achieve sustainable growth in their businesses and companies.

With the innovation mindset, customer service staff and other office staff will take on the lifelong learning mindset, especially with AI taking up most of the roles. These creative thinking skills will empower them to focus on never thought about tasks that require their human touch to continue staying relevant.

For entrepreneurs and self-employed, this program focuses on empowering the innovation engine within them by stimulating their right brain in emotional intelligence and creativity. They will be better to create products and services that people would want and need through the use of Design Thinking principles.

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Mr Clement Ng

Mr Clement Ng

Clement Ng is an experienced corporate trainer specializing in building competencies to transform organizations and deliver superior results. His wealth of experience was garnered from over 20 years of corporate leadership positions within major listed companies and multinationals. In the past 10 years, he was actively involve in learning & development and facilitated in excess of over 100 workshops. 

He possessed a wide base of industry knowledge and experience in high performing sectors: Banking & Finance, Pharmaceutical, Retail, FMCG, MICE, Luxury, Services, Consumer, Manufacturing, Projects, Architecture and Government. He has mentored and trained thousands of executives and professionals in leading organizations on commercial application within both B2B and B2C environment in the region. His unique methodology to understand, contextualize and customize to suit the requirements of the business environment quickly and accurately has earned him his clients’ trust and endorsement. He has a strong passion and desire to share his broad commercial knowledge and practical knowhow to impact learners and transform their work performances to achieve greater heights.
Clement has extensive training and mentoring experience providing knowledge transfer to over 1000 learners across all levels in multi sectors. His strong capability as a facilitator and unique delivery approach has ensured his consistent demand. His area of specialization includes hard skills to deliver ROI success, leadership, organizational effectiveness, performance management, teambuilding and personal effectiveness etc. He is also a certified behavioral trainer in TetraMap and has the ability integrate behavioral science into the learning journey.