CET908 Growth Strategies for New Ventures

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Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre (NTC)



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This course aims to guide the learners in navigating the barriers to growth, by identifying potential pitfalls and foreshadowing problems before they occur. We will adopt a helicopter view to assess business performance, and set a clear and measurable path towards business growth. 

It is also important to get the right support from our tribe in the organization to share the same enthusiasm for the success of the business.

This course will enable the learners to implement a top-down approach to their business without disrupting operational needs and identify actionable business strategies. This course will teach the Strategic Planning process in layman terms possible, helpful for employee engagement.

This course is part of:
- Graduate Certificate in Technopreneurship and Innovation
- FlexiMasters in Technopreneurship and Innovation

After completion of the course, the learners will be able to: 

1. Hone the techniques and apply business frameworks to assess growth opportunities.

2. Learn to determine the best methods to build value, whether by scaling existing markets, entering established markets, or creating new markets through innovation and acquisitions.

3. Craft action plans to address opportunities/situation path to achieve growth.

1. Value and Growth Analysis Session

2. Growth Strategies

3. Formulating Growth Plan Risk Management.

For learners with entrepreneurial intentions to work with leading educators, researchers, inventors, and business leaders around the world.

Standard Course Fee: S$1926.00

  • All fees stated are inclusive of 7% GST.
  • NTU/NIE alumni may utilise their $1,600 Alumni Course Credits. Click here for more information. 
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Listed courses are:

  • Credit-bearing and stackable to Graduate Certificate in Technopreneurship and Innovation (total 9AUs), FlexiMasters in Technopreneurship and Innovation (total 15AUs).
  • SkillsFuture Credit approved