CET781 Tissue Engineering & Drug Delivery

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School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)



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This course is about materials used to construct medical implants and other devices used to repair, replace or regenerate tissues and organs. Specific emerging application areas of materials in medicine, namely tissue engineering and drug delivery, are elaborated on.

This course is part of:

- Graduate Certificate in Materials Science and Engineering
- FlexiMasters in Materials Science and Engineering

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At the end of the course, learners  are able to:

1. Define tissue engineering and drug delivery;

2. Describe the motivations and rationales behind tissue engineering and drug delivery;

3. Discuss the role of biomaterials in tissue engineering and drug delivery and;

  4. Discuss important material properties to consider when selecting a material for tissue engineering scaffolds/drug delivery devices and their implications.

Applications in Tissue Engineering & Drug Delivery

- Introduction to Tissue Engineering 
- Cell Sources for Tissue Engineering
- Scaffold and Its Fabrication for Tissue Engineering
- Introduction to Drug Delivery
- Modeling of Drug Delivery
- Mechanisms of Drug Delivery Systems – diffusion, osmotic and degradation

Suitable for professionals working in Engineering, Quality Control, Failure Analysis, Manufacturing and R&D.

Standard Course Fee: S$1,263.67

Course fee payable after SSG funding, if eligible under various schemes

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    Listed courses are:

    • Credit-bearing and stackable to Graduate Certificate in Materials Science and Engineering (total 9AUs) and FlexiMasters in Materials Science and Engineering (total 15AUs).
    • SSG funded and SkillsFuture Credit approved.