CET184 Python for Data Analytics

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Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI)



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Data science involves the collection, management, processing, analysis, visualization, and interpretation of vast amounts of heterogeneous data associated with a diverse array of applications. Although it started over fifty years ago, data science has become important in the last ten years because of society’s move to an online lifestyle. Today, organisations have data on a wide variety of our data activities, and data scientist has become one of the most promising jobs in the 21st century. In this course, we will be analyzing data using Python, an interpreted general-purpose programming language. We will begin with using Python as a calculator and moving on to performing basic statistical calculations using Python and ending up with using Python to visualize data.

This course is part of:

- Graduate Certificate in Information Management and Analytics
- FlexiMasters  in Information Management and Analytics

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The learner will be able to write and debug basic Python programmes. The learner will also be prepared to take a data mining module based on Python’s numpy, scipy and matplotlib libraries.

  • Using Python as a calculator.
  • Basic data types: integers, floats, and strings. Compound data types: lists, dictionaries, sets, and tuples.
  • Flow control: if … else, for loop, while loop, break and continue, pass.
  • Functions: arguments, recursion, Python modules and packages.
  • File operations: opening and closing files, reading file content.
  • Python date and time modules.

Working adults from the industry with some experience in information technology and related fields would better appreciate the course. 

Good communication skills (written and spoken English) are recommended as some assessment components may require presentations and report writing.

Standard Course Fee: S$4,860

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CET180 Information Discovery in the Age of the Internet3
CET181 Information Retrieval Systems and Techniques3
CET182 Introduction to Data Mining3
CET183 Information Visualization Techniques3
CET185 Knowledge Management Tools3

Listed courses are:

  • Credit-bearing and stackable to Graduate Certificate in Information Management and Analytics (total 9AUs) and FlexiMasters in Information Management and Analytics (total 15AUs).
  • SkillsFuture Credit approved.