CET147 Agent-based modeling: Connecting individual behaviors to macro-level phenomena

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School of Social Sciences (SSS)



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A major challenge in social science is to explain how individual decision-making leads to large-scale social phenomena. Agent-based modeling is a computational approach that connects individual-level behaviors to macro phenomena by allowing researchers to specify simple characteristics and behaviours of individuals, simulate repeated interactions of these individuals, and observe emergent patterns. The course will introduce core concepts in complexity science and illustrate how agent-based modeling can be applied to social psychological studies.

The course is part of: 
- Graduate Certificate in Social Sciences
- FlexiMasters in Social Sciences

1) Describe the key principles in complexity science and agent-based modeling 2) Identify social science research questions that can be addressed by agent-based modeling 3) Develop and analyze agent-based models using Netlogo
  1. Understanding complex systems and emergence
  2. What is agent-based modeling and Netlogo
  3. Create models and simulations
  4. Collect and analyze data from agent-based models
Working professionals.

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CET137 Communicating Complexity Part 3: Communicating for different audiences1
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CET139 Qualitative interviewing 1
CET140 Applied Research Methods in Social Sciences 1
CET141 Social Psychology1
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Listed courses are:

  • Credit-bearing and stackable to Graduate Certificate in Social Sciences (total 9AUs) and FlexiMasters in Social Sciences (total 15AUs).
  • SSG funded and SkillsFuture Credit approved