Frequently Asked Questions

When Does Virtual Orientation Take Place?

Orientation takes place from 3 – 16 Aug 2021. Schools, Halls and Clubs have many exciting activities lined up for you. Do check them out.

How Do I Take Part In Virtual Orientation?

Simply register for an orientation programme with your School, Hall or a Club of your interest.

When Can I Register For Orientation?

Orientation registration opens early July 2021. Check out the exciting orientation programmes that the Schools, Halls and Clubs have in store for you.


Will There Be A Physical Orientation?

The safety of all members on NTU is of utmost priority. Given the current safe distancing measures, Freshmen Orientation 2021 will be 100% virtual. No worries though, our virtual orientation will cover all the important aspects of academic and student life, and more.


How Much Data Will I Need In Order To Take Part In Orientation? I Am Worried I Do Not Have Enough Data.

Depending on the activities, the amount of data needed will vary. If you need assistance with broadband access or data, please contact your School.

I Cannot Log-In / Forgot My Password To My NTU Account.

You can reset your account here or call IT Service Desk at 6790 HELP(4357).

How Do I Use Microsoft Teams?

Please refer to ‘Get Ready’ for our guide on using Microsoft Teams for orientation.


All My Fellow Freshmen Gave Their Personal Details To The Orientation Seniors But I Am Not Comfortable To Do So. What Should I Do?

Sharing of particulars is a personal decision and no student should feel complied to do so, if they are uncomfortable. You may want to express your concerns to the seniors or seek help from your immediate professor or school officer. Alternatively, you can also contact Director of Student Affairs (email: for help.

I Witness Some Inappropriate Posts / Videos / Language Used During Orientation And Am Uncomfortable With It. What Should I Do?

NTU has a zero tolerance stance towards all forms of harassment, including bullying, voyeurism and sexual misconduct. If you face or witness harassment, please contact the Director of Student Affairs (email: You can also report the matter to your immediate professor or school officer. Details of the procedure are found here.


I Heard Another School Has An Exciting Orientation Programme. Can I Join Another School’s Orientation Instead Of My Own School?

School orientations cover topics specific to your field of study. It is a great chance for you to meet your fellow classmates and pick up some useful tips from seniors that will help you thrive in the years ahead. Not to worry, there will still be many fun avenues to meet students from other Schools, such as the Club orientation (6 – 7 Aug 2021).

I Am Not Matriculated. Can I Still Join NTU’s Orientation Programme?

Freshmen orientation is only for matriculated students. Freshmen are required to log-in using their NTU account in order to participate in orientation programmes.

My Cousin / Friend / Sibling Is Applying To NTU Next Year. Can They Take Part In This Year’s Orientation Programme?

Freshmen orientation is only for matriculated students. We look forward to your cousin / friend / sibling’s participation upon their matriculation in NTU.

Is The Orientation Programme Open To Members Of Public?

Freshmen orientation is only for matriculated students. Freshmen are required to log-in using their NTU accounts in order to participate in the programmes. 

Do I Need To Pay To Attend Orientation?

Participation in orientation programmes and activities are free for all NTU freshmen. Purchases for any items (i.e. T-shirts) are on a free will basis. If you are unsure of the fees / purchase, please ask your orientation group leaders or School staff for clarification.