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Health, Safety and Emergency

General Enquires

IIRF Enquires

Training Enquires – safety training syllabus related enquires only

NTU Institutional Biosafety Committee

Our address: Office of Health, Safety and Emergency, 50 Nanyang Avenue, NS2-05-36, Singapore 639798.

Campus Security Division

NTU 24-hour Security Hotline 6790 5200 

NTU 24-hour Fault Reporting  6790 4777


Our address: 50 Nanyang Avenue, North Spine NS1-B1-01, Singapore 639798.

* When calling 999 or 995 for POLICE or SCDF for emergency cases, please also call our hotline 6790 5200 so that we can guide the authorities promptly to the scene.

For NTULEARN, IT and technical issue, kindly contact NTU ServiceDesk.

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