New Buildings

North Spine Academic Building





  • Natural lighting and ventilation at common corridors, toilets and internal courtyards
  • Lush greenery on every floor
  • Low window to wall ratio and low ETTV
  • PV panels to generate solar energy
  • Corridors equipped with luminance sensors which activated electrical lighting systems to supplement daylighting
  • Separation of ambient and task lighting to reduce the lighting power consumption of the office areas
  • Sun pipes supplemented the natural daylighting
  • Use of high efficiency/ high temperature chiller plants, LED lighting, plug load management, metering and censoring strategies
  • Automated Fume hood Sash Control, lowers the sash at fume cupboards, to reduce airflow consumption on VAV fume cupboards
  • Demand Control Ventilation uses smart and accurate sensing techniques to safely reduce the fresh air supply for laboratories to the minimum necessary level
  • Heat pipes for pre cool and reheating of outdoor air
  • Green Mark Platinum under Green Mark Incentive Scheme - Design Prototype award with >40% energy savings


Block N2.1
(6-Storey Administrative Cluster & Canteen Building with 3-Storey Carpark Structure)





  • Natural ventilation for fast food outlets, staircase and car park.
  • Motion and Photo sensors used in toilets and perimeter lightings.
  • Sub-metering to monitor energy and water consumption.  
  • Green label accredit ion for building materials.
  • E-use of existing furniture at level 1 & 3
  • Preservation of existing rain trees - Green roof and landscaping.
  • High efficiency motor-roomless lifts.
  • Symphonic discharge system for efficient rain water discharge.
  • The building is Green Mark certified by BCA.


School of Art, Design  and Media


  • Verdant turfed roof blends into the lush greenery and environment.
  • Turfed landscape as scenic outdoor communal space.
  • Green roof lowers both the roof temperature and ambient temperature hence reduce heat gain to the air conditioned building.
  • The building is oriented with its facades facing north and south to minimize solar gain.
  • High efficiency discharge lights are adopted throughout the building.
  • The rain water collection system is fitted on the green roof for irrigation.
  • The rain sensors are installed on the green roof to automate the irrigation process whereby irrigation is ceased when it rains.
  • The curved building is embracing a courtyard with water features and plants. The reflection of the trees and nature can been seen on the all-glass exterior.

School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences 



  • Naturally ventilated staircase and carpark.
  • Atrium is lit by natural lighting.  
  • Atrium light fittings are switched on by photo sensors.
  • High performance double-glazed low-emissivity glasses are used to reduce building cooling load.
  • A thermal energy storage system is built to store chilled water which are produced at off-peak hours with low-tariff power, as well as to optimize the existing chilled water plants installed at the South Spine.
  • High efficiency motor-roomless lifts.
  • Sanitary fittings with PUB water efficiency labels are used.
  • Recycled building materials are used e.g. carpets, concrete aggregates and drain cells.
  • CO sensors are fitted in the carpark to maintain the effectiveness of the mechanical ventilaton system.
  • Symphonic discharge system for efficient rain water discharge.
  • The building is GreenMark certified by BCA.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences


  • Building blocks capitalize on the external views to the Green and maximize the cross-section to allow for natural ventilation.
  • Provision of ‘4 ticks’ Singapore Energy Label for energy efficient air-
    conditioning equipment.
  • Sub-metering to monitor energy and water consumption.
  • High frequency electronic ballasts (T8).
  • C02 sensor / transmitter in AHU rooms.
  • “Greenmark” approved materials used on site.
  • Motion and Photo sensors used in toilets and perimeter lightings.
  • Transplanting, re-location & conservation of trees.
  • Green roof and landscaping.
  • The building is GreenMark certified by BCA.


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