NTU Co-Director's Message

Associate Professor Zhao Zhiye
Co-Director NTU-JTC I3 Centre

The NTU-JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Centre (NTU-JTC I3 Centre) was launched in August 2011 to carry out research, development and demonstration projects related to industrial infrastructure, with particular emphasis on areas of national needs. The centre’s goals are to expand innovation capacity, strengthen technical capabilities, increase JTC’s presence, tap on talent, and build resources and networks through outreach initiatives.

Our research activities focus on four main thrusts: Reclamation and Marine Infrastructure, Sustainable Infrastructure, Underground Infrastructure and Infrastructure Systems and Materials. In the past 5 years, we have carried out over 20 R&D projects with total research funding over S$36 million, which include funding from various government agencies and internal funding from JTC. Besides research activities, we have also collaborated with other universities and industries to expand our technical capabilities, through an international scientist visiting program and by knowledge sharing programs through seminars, workshops and short courses. Nurturing young talents is also part of our mission. We have supported over 100 Final Year Projects and organised various student engagement activities. Simultaneously, through these activities, we have also increased the awareness of JTC’s important role in nation building and the impact of research activities coordinated by the NTU-JTC I3 Centre.

As the Co-Director of the NTU-JTC I3 Centre, I welcome you to join us in research collaborations in any relevant research thrusts. We are eager to develop research proposals with you, through joint research project teams comprising local and foreign academics and industry partners. If you have any fresh ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your support will help NTU-JTC I3 Centre meet its mission of developing innovative solutions for sustainable development in Singapore.