What is the Nanyang Technopreneurship Case Centre (NTCC)?

First established in 2014 with a grant from Singapore's National Research Foundation and funding support from the Nanyang Technological University, the Nanyang Technopreneurship Case Centre (NTCC) served to enhance the quality of entrepreneurship education through research cases. NTCC is arguably one of the first, if not the first, such dedicated Technopreneurship Case Centres in the world.

Through this, the NTCC has been instrumental in continuing NTC’s efforts to foster, promote and nurture enterprising mind-sets, skills and knowledge in technology and entrepreneurship through developing a pool of cases on technology-based organisations, both local and international.

Ultimately, NTCC hopes to share the experiences, success stories and challenges faced by entrepreneurs in growing their businesses and how they overcome their problems to sustain growth in the new era of technology. The cases feature Singapore-based and global companies confronting issues and challenges due to technological shifts in the industry; when introducing new products in the marketplace; and in using technology to achieve organisational goals and drive transformations.


Euro Food: Sustainable Growth Driven by Entrepreneurial Leadership

Established in 1984, European Food Company Limited (Euro Food) launched with S$200,000 and now creates more than 30 products globally today. Founder, Mr. Somchai Wachakorn shares how he led his company to become a leading confectionery manufacturer.

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