Second Major in Entrepreneurship

Course Overview

The Second Major in Entrepreneurship (SMiE) is developed with a focus on technopreneurship to nurture innovation-driven entrepreneurs who can contribute to Singapore's Smart Nation goals. This also allows greater flexibility for undergraduates to pursue interdisciplinary programmes and pan-university majors. Students will be inspired to be venturesome and more resilient in this ever-changing world.

As of 2021, SMiE is offered students from College of Engineering (COE) and Nanyang Business School (NBS) and will gradually be offered to other Schools. SMiE students will be awarded a Bachelor of Engineering/Business in their Engineering/Business major with a separate certificate for the Second Major in Entrepreneurship.


Course Duration

3 - 4 years

Course Mode


Course Intake

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Course Details

With the goal to prepare NTU graduates to impact the world and its grand challenges, the new Second Major in Entrepreneurship (SMiE) is introduced to:

• equip NTU students with the fundamental entrepreneurship competency and broaden their understanding in enterprise and innovation,
• enrich them with an entrepreneurial mindset to deal with uncertainties in a VUCA* world and be the drivers of technology innovation,
• provide them with hands-on experience in technopreneurship through experiential learning approach and 20-week overseas/local internship with start-ups, venture capital firms, or other entrepreneurship related organizations, 
• expand their network and be part of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, and
• seize the opportunities from new technologies and support NTU students to venture into technology start-ups

* Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.


Course Highlights

Students will be required to take 4 courses for 12 AU as Compulsory Courses so that they will be equipped with the fundamental entrepreneurship competency and the technopreneurial mindset, with an emphasis on experiential exposure and interactive learning :

ET5211 Entrepreneurial Mindset and Technology Innovation (3AU)
ET5212 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (3AU)
ET5213 Managing New Ventures (3AU)
ET5214 Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures (3AU)



To allow students to build greater breadth and depth in entrepreneurship, they will select at least 13 AU of Elective Courses based on their interests and needs. A diversified range of topics will be offered by  Nanyang Technopreneurship Center (NTC) and other Schools to promote interdisciplinary learning in SMiE.

ET5134  Enterprise Strategy (3AU) 
ET5122  E-Startups & Social Media Strategies (3AU) 
BU8503 Innovation Marketing (3AU) 
BU5302 Law of Intellectual Property & New Media (3AU) 
ET5135  Business Venture Implementation (3AU) 
ET5215  Entrepreneurial Business Development (3AU) 
ET5216  Venture Capital Investment and Practices (4AU) 
ET5217  Design and Systems Thinking for Entrepreneurs (4AU) 
ET5218  Innovation and Commercialization of Technologies (3AU) 
AB0603 Social Entrepreneurship (3AU) 


To intensify the experiential learning, students are required to take a compulsory 20-week overseas or local internship with organizations, including start-ups and venture capital firms.

Course Schedule

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Course Brochure

Please download the complete SMiE Brochure here.


Admission Info

Candidates must meet the minimum entry requirements of their Bachelor Degree, including the minimum subject requirements.

For more information, you may refer to the Office of Admissions.
Engineering students taking the Second Major in Entrepreneurship are required to carry out an Industry-Sponsored Final Year Project (8 AU) as the additional experiential component of the Core requirement of their degree programmes.
Students satisfying all academic requirements for the SMiE will be awarded a Bachelor of Engineering/Business in their chosen Engineering/Business major with a separate certificate for the Second Major in Entrepreneurship upon graduation.
NBS students pursuing a single-degree programme (either ACC or BUS) and taking up the 20-week OEP or local internship with SMiE, may need to extend their programme duration by one semester (i.e., graduate in 3.5 years instead of 3 years), averaging 18 AU per semester.

NBS students pursuing a double-degree in accountancy and business (ACBS) and taking up the 20-week OEP or local internship with SMiE, may need to extend their programme duration by one semester (i.e., graduate in 4.5 years instead of 4 years), averaging 18 AU per semester.

Career Prospects

The Second Major in Entrepreneurship provides NTU students the unique competitive advantages in highly transferrable skills, entrepreneurial mindsets, and global exposure to address the world’s grand challenges. SMiE students will be the game changers and have the versatility to choose from a wide range of career options as entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, government policymakers, management consultants, business innovation and new venture development in large corporations.

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SMiE is offered to eligible students of the programmes listed upon admission.

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