Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme

Programme Overview

The Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme (OEP) provides a unique opportunity for NTU undergraduates to gain entrepreneurial experience outside the classroom. Students are offered internship roles in technology-based start-ups in global innovation hotspots, and work closely with founders to contribute to the business. Through OEP, students will gain a global perspective of business and markets, build valuable business contacts, and develop the skills to build and run a start-up. NTU is an appointed partner of the Innovators Academy under the Singapore Economic Development Board’s Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) initiative of which OEP is a part of.


Internship Duration

6 months / 1 year

Internship Mode


Course Intake

January and August


Programme Details

For students who are keen to find out more, please download our brochure here.
Learn more about the OEP course outline and assessment criteria here: 6-month OEP | 12-month OEP

For corporates interested to participate in OEP, please refer to the OEP Corporate brochure here.

A unique feature of OEP is a series of customised workshops and training organised for the students to prepare them for their OEP internship. Students will pick up the skills required to thrive in a start-up environment. Some examples include “Interview and Communication Skills”, “Digital and Social Media Marketing” and “Business Plan Creation” workshops.

The overseas exposure in OEP presents opportunities to create new business ideas through observation and interaction with the local business community. Students will be provided mentorship in helping them create a business idea while on internship overseas. Students are required to submit and present a business proposal upon their return.

Students are strongly encouraged to attend local entrepreneurship events like hackathons, innovation competition, and fireside chats with local entrepreneurs. This would help them integrate into the startup ecosystem and hone their entrepreneurial skills while learning from the best in the business, Students will be organised into groups to organise an entrepreneurial event every 6 months in the host country as part of their OEP internship.

Students who are keen to find out more can download our brochure here.

OEP students have the opportunity to intern in the following countries: United States (Silicon Valley, New York City), China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hangzhou), Germany (Berlin, Munich), Denmark (Copenhagen, Odense), and The Netherlands (Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft). 

Possible upcoming locations include Australia (Melbourne, Sydney), Indonesia and Thailand. ​

For corporates interested to participate in OEP, please refer to our brochure here.

Programme Curriculum

Academic Credits

OEP students can gain academic credits during their internship, though this is subject to OEP’s and the faculty’s approval. The credit allocations for individual colleges are different. The table below shows what you can fulfil with OEP. If unsure, contact your school directly for more information.​​​​ For details on the respective courses for each college, please refer to the course details here.

Study Component for China (Shanghai)

Students will enter Shanghai under the student visa and must study part-time at a partner university (a maximum of 2 modules per semester). Students may choose to map back the modules that they have taken at the partner university but must pay the school fees to both universities.

Other locations

Students will enter the United States, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Suzhou under the internship visa. There will not be any study component.​

COVID-19 Update (as at 1 March 2021)
Travel restrictions by the university are still in place until December 2021. The current COVID-19 situation is impacting the facilitation of both inbound and outbound exchange programmes and under the pre-text that trip suspension must be lifted for physical exchange to proceed.


Admission Info

  • Current NTU full-time undergraduate students who have completed at least 2 semesters in NTU and at least one remaining semester of study upon return without exceeding their maximum candidature (depending on course curriculum). Students are encouraged to apply for OEP during their penultimate or final year.
  • Passion for entrepreneurship and willingness to take on the challenge of working overseas in a changing start-up environment.
  • Possess the maturity to thrive in a foreign and highly competitive environment as you will be dealing with founders and important stakeholders.

    • Students are allowed to clear their internship credits using OEP, though subject to OEP’s and the faculty’s approval.
    • For scholars, please check with the scholarship administrators with regards to your eligibility to participate in the programme.
    • No extension of candidature will be allowed as students are advised to plan their modules in advance.
    • Confirmation of placement in OEP is subjected to appointments offered by the startups.

OEP sends students overseas twice a year - January and August.

Please download the application form here and submit to oep@ntu.edu.sg after completion.
Together with your application form, you also need to submit:

1) An essay of not more than 300 words telling us about:

  • your entrepreneurial aspirations and what you hope to achieve by going on OEP
  • your personal passion and mission statement
  • a time when you failed at something and how you overcame it​

2) A self-introduction video of not more than 5 minutes where you should:

  • explain why you are suitable for OEP
  • describe any past entrepreneurial/internship experience
  • provide an explanation on your choice of locations and preferred roles/ industries
  • give your assessment of the profile of your preferred first-choice destination

3) Your resume

4) Full degree audit

After submitting your application, you will be notified via e-mail if you have been shortlisted for an interview. Do check your NTU e-mail inbox regularly for the outcome of your application and the selection interview.

There will be a subsidy for Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents to cover air tickets, travel and health insurance, visa expenses and medical check-up. Terms and conditions apply.

Overseas Student Programme Loan (OSP Loan)
Full-time undergraduates of all nationalities regardless if they are in receipt of a scholarship/bursary/loans may apply for the OSP Loan. Students must apply for the OSP Loan under the OEP. All enquiries regarding the loan should be directed to OAFA via FinAid@ntu.edu.sg. 

Please click here for more information.

Enterprise Singapore (ES​G) Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT) Grant

The maximum amount that you can receive from the Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT) Grant is S$5,500 (China) if you are on the 1-year programme [terms and conditions apply].

To be eligible for the grant, a student must

1.     be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
2.     be going to China for OEP
3.     not hold any external scholarships or awards

Students who have received and accepted the offer for the GRT Grant must complete and submit a report to OEP within 2 weeks after the end of the programme.

All students are encouraged to arrange for a consultation with the OEP Admissions team (oep@ntu.edu.sg).
1. If my CGPA is lower than 3.50, am I eligible to apply?

We do not look solely at the CGPA. It’ll be a holistic assessment to determine whether you will be suitable for the programme. However, if you intend to clear your internship credits, your CGPA needs to be minimally 3.30 (NTU’s requirement). Students can otherwise choose to take a Leave of Absence (LOA) for the programme and will not earn any credits.​

2. Can I apply for OEP if I am on scholarship?

Students on scholarships must check with their respective scholarship administrators or providers first on their eligibility to participate in the OEP before applying. Selected candidates will only be permitted to embark on this programme after meeting the eligibility criteria.

3. Can I go for GEM Explorer before embarking on OEP?

Students are encouraged to be in NTU Singapore in the semester before embarking on OEP as we will be conducting briefings and interviews for all outgoing students. However, we will review each student on a case-by-case basis. You can participate in GEM Explorer before completing OEP subject to you meeting your minimum residential candidature.

4. Can I graduate immediately after returning from OEP?

This will depend on your course and your faculty. If you are participating in OEP during your final semester, please note that the marks entry will be delayed and will affect your graduation by 2 months.

5. Can I apply for OEP if I am currently in my freshman year?

Freshmen are welcome to apply for this programme but you will only embark on the programme once you have completed at least 2 semesters.

6. Am I eligible to apply for OEP if I am a graduate student?

No, OEP is currently only open to NTU undergraduates.

7. If I am an international student, will I be eligible for the programme?

Yes, international students may apply for the programme but they will not be eligible for the subsidies.

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