Short Courses for Professionals

NTC is dedicated to providing effective and efficient short-term education on innovation and entrepreneurship to the general public and those with specific interests in new business ventures. To promote entrepreneurship and lifelong learning, we orchestrate a series of practice-relevant, learner-centric and innovative courses.

Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy

Artificial Intelligence & Business Strategy

In this series, participants will understand the fundamental aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its up-to-date technological development. Especially, participants will get insights on how AI can be applied in various industry verticals, and thus to reimagine and develop future businesses with AI.​

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Blockchain data in the cyberspace

Blockchain Innovation Strategy Programme

The Blockchain Innovation Strategy Programme (Jointly developed by the College of Engineering (COE) and Nanyang Technopreneurship Center (NTC) is a practical, hands-on intensive executive programme designed to equip entrepreneurs and professionals in Singapore with the fundamentals of Blockchain.

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Cyber Security Illustrations

Cybersecurity Innovations for Businesses

This programme series aim to empower participants from all industries with the fundamental knowledge of cyber security for them to make strategic decisions for their businesses.

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Shopping cart for ecommerce marketing in the digital era

Entrepreneurial Marketing in the Digital Era

This course is specially designed for anyone who is looking to effectively use social media platforms in e-commerce marketing and to transform their business with social commerce.

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Fintech Disruption for the Future of Finance Programme

The confluence of internet-based technology and big data has proven a boon to fruitful innovations in financial services, a sector that touches on the lives of just about everybody. This programme aims to explore FinTech from an economic, technical, regulatory perspective and discover the impact of breakthrough technology.

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LiveStream ENG-01

Get Ready For Live Streaming

This course is specially designed for anyone who is looking to effectively use live streaming in e-commerce marketing and to transform their business with social commerce.

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Internet of Things Programme Technology Advancement Smart Cities

Internet of Things: Innovation and Business Strategy Programme

This course aims to help people envision and lead IoT-based transformations, not just to understand the technical elements. It prepares managers and decision makers to make novel innovative business plans and achieve the strategic advantage IoT in Smart Nation related industries.

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Utilize privacy preserving technologies to protect data

Privacy-Preserving Technologies

Through the 2-day course, participants will be exposed to the four primary technological verticals aid in privacy-preserving data discovery, aggregation, search, mining, and data-driven learning. After the completion, participants will get an understanding of how these approaches address the challenge from different angles.

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Smart Cities Technologies, Regulations, and Future Trends

Smart Cities use information and co​mmunication technologies (ICT) to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve both the quality of government services and citizen welfare. Singapore has launched a Smart Nation initiative to harness technology to stay ahead as a global city and to improve lives and livelihoods for all.

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Artificial Hand with Legal Tech Innovations for Legal Business

Transforming Legal Business with Legal Tech Innovations

This course aims to equip participants with a fundamental knowledge and practical view of the most up-to-date technologies that are driving changes in the legal world. Participants can be prepared to meld tech with human resources to optimize performance and derive profit from performance and customer satisfaction.

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Portable tripod for live stream and broadcast workshop



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