What programmes do we offer?

Here at NTC, we have launched various professional learning pathways that aim to prepare executives who have a keen interest in technopreneurship. Our courses are designed with a heightened focus on critical thinking skills, essential in our rapidly evolving technological Smart Nation.


Working adults smiling in a project discussion meeting

Short Courses for Professionals

Courses are aimed at helping professionals understand industry applications and to keep pace with the rapid technological changes in our local entrepreneurial landscape.

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Enterprise Leadership for Transformation

The programme aims to build concepts essential to business owners. Students will engage in an iterative process with the guidance of expert advisors and adopt growth strategies which would elevate boost their enterprise to the next level.

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企业转型领军计划 (ELT)

针对中小企业开设的为期一年的创业加速计划,由新加坡企业发展局(Enterprise Singapore)发起,南洋科技创业中心运营,星展银行(DBS Bank)作为合作伙伴。旨在为中小企业开展数字化转型保驾护航,实现中小企业质量变革、效率变革、动力变革,帮助探索出一条中小企业数字化转型之路。

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Customised Programmes

NTC offers tailor-made entrepreneurship trainings for various institutions, SMEs and universities such as the Institute of Technical Education, Panasonic Singapore and many more.

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