Published on 17 Nov 2020

YCH - The Techie Young Chinese Hunk

Case Study by Clive Choo

While YCH is preparing itself to realise “The Logistics Superhighway™ - through integrating the physical, information & financial flows in the Supply Chain,” there are some valid concerns. First, how much other competitors and stakeholders will be willing to collaborate and contribute to the formation of an integrated system within the “logistics superhighway” model? Second, is YCH bearing too much risk in view of the large internal resources and long-term commitment needed to engage in such large investments which include the setting up of the ‘Supply Chain City’ and a training school? Third and going forward, will the volatility in the price of oil hamper the use of technologies for the emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific?

That is, YCH’s customers located in these countries may not adapt to new technologies. As such, Robert needs to consider the volatile external environment and the risk of over committing resources in building the “logistics superhighway”. In the final analysis, is it possible for Robert to achieve his vision and in doing so, redefine this age-old industry?

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