Published on 17 Nov 2020

Twitter - The Next Big Lap Or Lapse

Case Study by Boey Yew Tung

Twitter has been accused of lacking vision, with its management lacking continuity, its products difficult to understand and lacking innovation and perhaps more crucially its user base stagnating. Since taking over as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the second time, Jack Dorsey has been busy addressing the fallout, retrenching staff, giving his shares to employees and announcing his assessment of the company. Faced with such complexities, he has been very careful not to reveal much about the company’s future plans and product roadmaps. As a result, scrutiny by the media and investors has become more intense. On 27 October 2015, Twitter issued weak business guidelines for the fourth quarter of 2015 and reported that its user growth had fallen below already-weak forecasts. Does Jack Dorsey have what it takes to stabilise Twitter and grow the company?

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