Published on 17 Nov 2020

Pirate3D - Can The Buccaneer Conquer The Seas?

Case Study by Patricia Chew

In October 2015, Brendan Goh, the young, passionate, and energetic co-founder and chief operating officer of Pirate3D faced many challenges as the three-year-old Singapore company stood poised for the next phase of growth. Aside from strategic and operational responsibilities, Goh was also overseeing the sales and marketing activities for Pirate3D. The team had a vision of putting 3D printers into the hands of consumers and households in the same way laser printers penetrated the consumer market. To achieve that vision, the goal was for the Buccaneer (the name of the 3D printer) to be the “best Christmas present of 2016”. Goh had only one year to achieve that goal, and the company had many hurdles to overcome. He wondered what steps he had to take to make the dream come true.

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