Published on 14 Jan 2020

NTC Guest Lecture with Ms. Virginia Tam

The second edition of Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre (NTC)’s Guest Lecture series was held on January 14, where guest speaker Ms. Virginia Tam shared her experience and views on venture capital financing through the perspectives of technology hubs such as Silicon Valley in the United States and Greater Bay in Hong Kong.

Attended by 130 students from both undergraduate programs and NTC’s Master of Science in Technopreneurship & Innovation (MSc TIP), the lecture detailed the economics, management, control and execution of such endeavours, including its possible risks.

A Hong Kong-based partner at global law firm K&L Gates, Ms. Tam is skilled in outbound acquisitions and private equity investments for corporate and financial institutional clients.

Key concepts introduced and elaborated on by Ms. Tam during her talk included the idea of an early-stage company with products in development, the growth cycle of a company in terms of size and revenue over time, as well as major types of investment that budding businesses can leverage on as they build on their proposals.

Legal considerations, her field of expertise, also featured prominently in the extensive sharing session, with up-and-coming technopreneurs learning about the rights, contracts and protection that goes into executing venture capital financing.

Under risk management, she laid out the different concerns from the company founder and investor’s points of view, along with ways to combat these worries as young companies work towards getting off the ground.  

In addition to Ms. Tam’s lecture, her colleague, Singapore-based partner Mr. Mark Tan, also spoke at length about the venture capital financing from a local standpoint and how they compared to Silicon Valley and Greater Bay.

Through these comparisons, attendees discovered how these technology hubs have built companies from the ground up, how the hubs interact with each other on a global scale and how each region’s laws are applied to the creation and protection of its enterprises both current and future. 

The presentation exposed the Nanyang Technological University community to various methods of receiving funding, which is an important pillar of support for the entrepreneurial efforts fostered by NTC through its programs.

After the lecture, MSc TIP students were invited to a half-hour fireside chat with Ms. Tam, where they discussed further implementations of venture capital financing. The informal session also allowed the participants to touch base with professionals in the field and build the connections that are crucial for thriving in the technology-oriented entrepreneurial environment.​

The Guest Lecture series is an initiative by Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre tapping on connections within the industry and ecosystem. Leaders in various fields are invited to share their knowledge and experiences.

Stay tuned as we release more details on upcoming sessions.