Published on 17 Nov 2020

Jason Marine Group - Staying The Course Or Going Into Unchartered Waters To Stay Relevant

Case Study by Joachim Sim

After 40 years, Jason Marine Group has remained a leading communication, navigation and automation company serving the marine and offshore oil and gas industries. Like the ebb and flow of tide, the company has its highs and lows over the years, having to overcome various challenges and learning from each experience. Since its public listing in 2009, the market situations have changed much.

It has remained relevant as an ongoing business through technology and innovation by forging and leveraging on its good relationships with the many innovative manufacturers of technology products that it has partnered and represented. It has drawn on its strong reserves accumulated over the years to tide over its difficult 2015/16 financial year and is expected to do the same for another challenging 12 months in 2016/17.

Jason Marine Group’s founder and executive chairman Joseph Foo has to reconcile the long-term need for strategic development with the urgent need to meet short-term objectives. Whether he will be able to strike an equitable balance between the two needs and to sustain Jason Marine Group in the long run will depend on external factors that are beyond his control.

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