Published on 13 Jul 2020

EnVision Series 5: Cyber Threat Intelligence And Its Significance For Cyber Defence

Topic: Cyber Threat Intelligence And Its Significance For Cyber Defence
Synopsis: Cyber attackers continue to evolve their tools and techniques and the threat landscape is constantly changing. Many organisations are struggling to keep up with this constant change and find it challenging to continually tune their security controls based on the latest threat data and are often investing in more technology that will only add complexity to their current IT infrastructure. Organisations end up drowning in huge volumes of data which only make it more difficult to understand the specific threats targeting their businesses.

In this webinar Mr. Uma will share with the audience, the concept of Cyber Threat Intelligence and how it can enhance their Cyber Defence operations and mechanisms to build up resiliency against cyber threats. The talk will also explore how the users of Cyber Threat Intelligence can make informed risk-based decisions, based on a strategic outlook on the threat landscape applicable to them and explore the threats to their business and threat environment over a wide trajectory.

Speaker Profile: 
Mr. Umasuthan Rengasamy

Umasuthan is a Senior Manager with the Risk Assurance practice of PwC Singapore leading the Threat Intelligence team.

Prior to PwC, Umasuthan was the lead for the Threat Intelligence team in the Cyber Intelligence Centre ("CIC") of another Big 4 firm. He is experienced in performing security investigation, dark web research, cyber threat detection, incident handling and response. He has experience in providing consultation and support to enhance the operation in the SOC (Security Operations Center). 

This e-talk is organized by NTC @ NTU under the EnVision Series.​