Published on 17 Nov 2020

ASOS - Opening The Hearts And Wallets Of Millennials Through Social Media

Case Study by Ken Kwan

The inspiration behind AsSeenOnScreen (ASOS, pronounce as ACE-OSS) arose out of the popular American sitcom “Friends”. ASOS CEO Nick Robertson was amazed by the 28,000 calls asking the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) where they could buy the lamp featured in the sitcom. He was struck by how consumers were obsessively interested in products and clothes used by celebrities. The idea of combining celebrity style and fast fashion was born, giving birth to ASOS.

In Robertson’s words, "It's really, really simple. It's ASOS, as seen on screen. It is exactly what it says on the tin. All we do is replicate what every women's magazine has done since the start of time. Here's a celebrity wearing a lovely dress. You can't afford the original, so here's where you get it cheaper."

The success of ASOS was fast and furious. By the end of that first trading year, the company had won the Best Trendsetter Award by The Sunday Times.

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