As a multi-disciplinary university-level centre under the Graduate College at NTU, Nanyang Technopreneurship Center (NTC) was created to be the focal point of technopreneurship education and  is committed to fostering, promoting and nurturing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship endeavours.

At NTC, we have a steering committee that is entrusted with the decisions to provide strategic oversight and guidance to achieve the centre's goal to be one of the world's leading academic institutions for education in entrepreneurship and technology innovation.

Graduate College at NTU is committed to high quality postgraduate programmes (by research and coursework) in addressing the needs of rapid changing environment of research development and education.  We recognize that the success of significant research endeavours and outcomes can be largely attributed to the dedicated efforts of outstanding postgraduate students under the experienced guidance of faculty members. We provide stewardship to postgraduate students during their academic journey in pursuance of their higher aspirations, realizing NTU goals in securing its position as a global university of excellence. This is in line with the university commitment to the training and development of quality research manpower and graduate programmes that would better augment the changing needs of future technological and economic drivers in an increasingly complex, global arena for Singapore’s benefit.

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Prof Louis Phee
Vice President, Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Prof Christina Soh
Vice President, Strategy & Leadership Development

SC - Prof Lee Pooi See


Prof Lee Pooi See
Associate Provost (Graduate Education) and Dean, Graduate College

Professor Foo Maw Der Center Director


Prof Foo Maw Der
Director, Nanyang Technopreneurship Center