Covid-19 Research Resources

​Dear NISTH faculty,

A new initiative to generate teaching resources on COVID-19 outbreak invites your collaboration. The editors are trying to generate empathetic capacities for learning, teaching, and researching about the pandemic. This initiative  stems from a website originally dedicated to teaching about the Fukushima reactor event (, which has regrouped as the Teach311 + COVID-19 Collective.  The original site was founded by Honghong Tinn, Tyson Vaughan, and Lisa Onaga, in partnership with the Forum for the History of Science in Asia and the Society for the History of Technology Asia Network in 2011, immediately following the triple disasters in Japan. Now, the editorial team consists of long-timers and newcomers, reflecting an intersectional voice that bridge histories of science, technology, environment, and medicine, and area studies, with matters of gender, race, and ethnicity— as they pertain to understanding and working through disasters in the here and now.

This site is also co-sponsored by the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, who provide further teaching resources here.

We are working alongside students and scholars who study history of science and allied fields to develop material in the following sections and heartily invite our communities to participate or use the site materials. These are the sections / offerings at the time of this writing:

  • Notes from the Field (reflection of the here and now that relates to one’s research; for student & general audiences — by scholars)

  • Diary Projects (reflexive and personal writing, in serial — by supervised undergraduates to Ph.D. students situated in the Global South or areas where censorship or social conformity is an issue)

  • Teaching Moments (Q&A about the role of the humanities for understanding the crisis; teaching reflections — by educators)

  • Videos, Lectures, Modules (materials to use for asynchronous learning/teaching — by educators, scholars, and students)

We would love to hear from members of the academic community who would like to contribute original pieces to the Teach311 + COVID-19 Collective or offer any other ideas, suggestions, or feedback about its use. As before, when the project was founded, we remain committed to doing our small part to level access to these materials through translation. Thus, we also welcome the help of any who may be interested in translating some of the materials into their home languages, or helping us to create audio recordings of content on the site, in order to better serve the visually impaired.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

​A tremendous amount of time, effort and funding have been allocated toward the understanding, handling and research into finding a possible vaccine for COVID-19.

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